From the Eye of the Dragon – Rasslemania Time!

Tim Wronka

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for the one and only Wrestlemania! It’s hard to believe that it really has been a year since Wrestlemania 21, but alas, it has been.

I’m sure you’ve been seeing seemingly hundreds of Wrestlemania preview columns. So, in my never ending quest to be different, I’m going to provide a little extra for my readers. I’ll go over each match, and then talk about where each wrestler was at this time last year. It’s often very interesting to see how far one can go – or down – in one year. This isn’t your typical column, so sit back, relax, have a few laughs and enjoy this preview for the Big Time, Wrestlemania 22!

Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle in a Playboy Pillow Fight Match:

Anyone else find it sad that we have had more Playboy matches than Intercontinental Championship matches since Wrestlemania 19? Well, I do. Anyway, these two women are seemingly mortal enemies, so what’s the best way to settle things? A pillow fight! Wooo! I think we all know exactly what this match will be. A little T & A, some crappy wrestling moves, and a few undies shots. I don’t really care who wins, so there’s not going to be a prediction for this one.

This time last year:

Well these two ladies weren’t on the card last year. Instead, they escorted out the Hall of Fame class during the event for a presentation. I wish that’s all they were doing this year.

Boogeyman vs. Booker T and Sharmell:

Poor Booker T. His last decent Wrestlemania match was in 2003, and even that saw him get buried by Triple H. Then next year, he was in a random tag match at Wrestlemania 20, and last year, he did nothing. Doing nothing might actually be better this time around instead of having to get in the ring with the Boogeyman. Let’s put it this way: Boogeyman sucks, and Booker T is not the man to carry him to a decent match. Then again, I guess Boogeyman isn’t supposed to be a 5-star wrestler, but rather, he’s just there to crush some guys. (Ultimate Warrior anyone?) Hmm, that’s kind of sad considering he’s in the wrestling business! Oh well. This will be short, and Boogeyman will eat some worms, terrorize Sharmell, and pick up the win. I bet his entrance will last longer than the actual match will.

This time last year:

Well as I said earlier, Booker T wasn’t even on the card. But he did get to fight in a cross-promotional Battle Royal on Heat and win. Yay! Go Booker! Well, at least he won last year. As for Boogeyman, I guess he was hiding under some kid’s bed.

Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James for the Women’s Championship:

I’m glad there’s actually a decent angle for the Women’s Championship. It’s been quite some time, so I’m actually looking forward to this. Both women have proven to be skilled workers at one point or another in their careers, so let’s hope that their best sides come out for this one. As for the winner, well, Trish has had the title a very long time now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she loses it to Mickie, and that’s who I’m going for as the winner. I’m anxious to see how she will heel it up while being the champion.

This time last year:

Last year Trish destroyed Christy Hemme, and Mickie was training in Ohio Valley Wrestling. I guess this is a rare time when both have either stayed on the same level, or improved their status. Kudos to both.

Kane and Big Show vs. Carlito and Chris Masters for the World Tag Team Championship:

I’m glad we’re getting a good tag team match at Wrestlemania that also doesn’t involve like five hundred more teams either. There have been some good angles going into this, so I hope the match comes off well, though I didn’t agree with making Carlito and Masters look stupid on this past Monday’s Raw. Reason being, I’m thinking that Carlito and the Masterpiece will be getting the victory. If they are the team that WWE wants to have take the tag belts from such a power house team that has dominated since October, why make them look dumb? I guess that’s nitpicking on my part, but it will mean a lot more after this match ends. Expect some cheating and underhanded tactics by Chris and Carlito, and we’ll have them walking out with the straps.

This time last year:

Last year, Kane was in the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match, and had a pretty impressive showing, though he has done nothing of any significance since then. Big Show was screwed into a sumo match with Akebono, which he lost, making him look pathetic. At least this year, he’s in a real match. Chris Masters wasn’t on the card last year (which should be the same this year), and Carlito was injured, though he did show up on Piper’s Pit with Austin only to get his ass kicked.

Chris Benoit vs. John Bradshaw Layfield for the United States Championship:

I was really hoping to see this feud happen in the main event on one of Smackdown!’s pay-per-views, but that never happened. Instead, I’m seeing what seems to be an afterthought of a match thrown together because there was nothing else for these two to do. Well, at least I’m able to see it finally. I expect it to be a really good brawl, with some fancy spots thrown in there. However, there’s no way that Chris Benoit will be leaving without the belt, so he’s going to win.

This time last year:

Benoit was in the MITB Ladder Match last year, and almost got to the top. Poor Benoit, he went from winning the World Title at Wrestlemania 20, to being in match for a title shot for the belt he won the year before at Wrestlemania 21, to finally settling for a mid-card belt and match at this year’s Wrestlemania. It is a shame, really. As for JBL, he was in the main event last year against John Cena, which he lost in pathetic fashion in under eight minutes. I guess this year, he’s deserving of his spot in the mid-card.

Edge vs. Mick Foley in a Hardcore Match:

Does this have the ability to be the show stealer? Yeah, it seems that’s the case. Foley seems like he’s into making Edge look like a star, so I know we’ll see something great. I’m sure this match will be really exciting, but there has been little to no emotion in this feud. All there has been is a few “con-chair-to’s” exchanged, and some trash talk on the mic, but that’s about it. Orton-Foley was much better two years ago, and this just seems to be a poor substitute of that. However, I do think the match will be something to see, regardless of the fact that the build-up has sucked. Oh yeah, Edge will be winning =)

This time last year:

Well, Edge returned to Wrestlemania after a two year absence, and won the MITB contract, which he carried around a lot longer than the actual belt he used it to win. Being an Edgehead at heart, I was really hoping all year that we would see Edge main event Wrestlemania. Instead, he’s been pushed down the card, and while working with Mick Foley isn’t a bad thing, it does come up short of being in the World Title picture. As for Foley, he wasn’t around last year, but it is good to see him again. He seems really focused this time around, so I’m really looking forward to his performance.

Undertaker vs. Mark Henry in a Casket Match:

All this match is here for his to justify the ten year contract that Mark Henry has had with WWE that expires later this year. Plus, it gives Undertaker another opportunity to crush an opponent at Wrestlemania. While I don’t think this match will be that bad, there’s no intrigue to it. This is not because of the build-up, but rather because there is absolutely no way Mark Henry will be defeating Taker. At least last year, there were people claiming that Orton would be ending Taker’s undefeated streak, and for good reason, since he had many years ahead. With Henry, there’s no reason to care at all. We all know Taker will beat him. The one thing I really hope we see though is a Last Ride on Davari. I’ll mark so hard to see that little guy thrown in the air like that.

This time last year:

As I said earlier, Taker faced Orton last year, and beat him in an excellent match, making his undefeated streak 13-0. As for Henry, I believe he was still resting up on a few injuries. Oh well, just a few more months of him until we see that he is released from his contract.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

Well, well, well. Another MITB match. My only real gripe with this is that the Intercontinental Champion is in this match and it really devalues the title even more than it already has been to not have it defended at Wrestlemania yet again. In fact, the current IC champ is trying to get a shot for another title. That doesn’t make sense. But, with that aside, I’m really looking forward to this. There’s enough talent in this thing to make it very good. There’s really not much to say other than we’ll see some pretty awesome spots. As for a winner, I’m going to have go with Rob Van Dam on this one. Of the six wrestlers involved, he seems like he is closest to getting a title shot. And here’s to hoping he goes on to win that damn belt once and for all!

This time last year:

Lashley was still training in OVW last year. Finlay was still a backstage agent. Ric Flair accompanied Triple H during his match with Batista. Matt Hardy was injured, and soon to be fired. Rob Van Dam was recently injured, and it would still be a while until we saw him. And Shelton, was still the Intercontinental Champion last year, as well as being in the first MITB match, where he performed extremely well. I guess everyone involved is in a better situation this year, so that’s a good thing.

Mr. McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels in a No Holds Barred Match:

From what I’m led to believe, the original idea of this match had a lot to do with Bret Hart being involved in the angles, and that obviously never happened. This feud has been too forced, in my opinion. It doesn’t seem natural. We all know in real life there is no real beef between these guys, and in fact, just the opposite. It’s also disappointing to see that Shawn Michaels, one of the best WWE has today, is in a match with a non-wrestler. That’s just pure missed opportunity right there. I’m looking forward to this match only because it will finally end this poor excuse for a feud, and I see HBK coming out on top.

This time last year:

Shawn Michaels stole the show with Kurt Angle last year, in a match that really saved the event from being a total disappointment. Vinny Mac was stuck in a wheel chair due to two quadriceps tears he suffered while entering the ring at the Royal Rumble Attribute that to steroids.

Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship:

Of the two main events, this one will be the best, no doubt. I see this one being extremely exciting, and judging how all three have worked with one another over the past few weeks, this will definitely be awesome. I’m really having trouble picking out a winner, but if WWE wants to go for a true Wrestlemania moment, they’ll have this match go on last (which it should anyway, after all the Royal Rumble winner is in it) and have Rey win the title. I guarantee if that happens, we will never forget the moment. Just going by the way Rey has been pushed as of late, I think that there’s a fair shot at him coming out with the win, and that’s my pick.

This time last year:

Kurt Angle was in an excellent match with HBK, as I said earlier, which he won. It’s good to see that he finally got the belt again. Randy Orton was defeated by the Undertaker, in one hell of a match that really solidified that Orton still had it in him after a boring face run. As for Rey, he has improved the most of these three. He opened the card up last year against his good friend Eddie Guerrero, and this year, he’s out to win the title in tribute to that very same man.

John Cena vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship:

I’m looking forward to this match for all the wrong reasons. I’m curious to see how the crowd will react to Cena, and whether or not they will cheer for Triple H. I fear that this will be the case. As for that match, it’s here for one reason: Triple H is out to prove to everyone that he can carry Cena to a good match. This is the same reason that Edge was knocked out of the title picture. I think this match will be bearable, as Hunter brings out the best in everyone, but nothing phenomenal. It’s hard coming up with a prediction, but I see the title changing hands yet again, with Triple H walking out with the win. My sincere hope though is that this isn’t the last match on the card, but I fear it will be.

This time last year:

Both men are on pretty much the same level, if not better off this year as compared to last. Triple H was in the main event against Batista, which he lost. As for Cena, he was in a terrible excuse for a main event against JBL, but he did win the WWE title. Hopefully this year, we will see a better performance out of both these guys.

Well there you have it! Are you all pumped yet? I know I am! Well, at least I will be once my hands heal from the all of the typing.

I hope everyone that orders it really enjoys it, including myself. I think that we will see an incredible night, even though the build-up has sucked. Everyone will be working their hardest, so this should be a blast for all of us fans to watch. So make sure you get together will your friends and family, kick back, and have some fun!

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Take care everyone, and until next time, this has been From the Eye of the Dragon …

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