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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Sean O’Mac’s Pullin’ No Punches (PnP for short). Each week you’ll find Sean’s opinions on one or more topics in the WWE world as well as letters from readers.

Well, it’s now official. John Cena, the WWE Champion for nearly 13 months, is going to be out of the mix for quite some time after completely tearing his right pectoral tendon during the Oct. 1 episode of Monday Night Raw.

And with that tear comes yet another blow to a staggered WWE.

The company has been down lately with numerous injuries to its Superstars, along with a swath of suspensions because of wellness-policy violations. Some of the absences have hurt more than others. The loss of stars such as HBK, the recently returned HHH, Edge – these open voids that can be difficult if not impossible to fill.

The loss of Cena, the flag-bearer for Raw for over a year, is a big blow to say the least. Whether you chanted along with “Let’s go Cena!” or “Cena sucks!” the now-former Champ stirred up crowds like only the top stars can. Cheer or boo, it was a foregone conclusion that when the first notes of his theme played, the crowd would explode.

His mic skills can be top-notch (just watch the promo he did during the last Raw) and, despite being chastized by a fan for my saying this earlier, he does have decent in-ring skills. (See below for fan reactions.)

I opined in my 10-1 Raw Take that I thought the best thing for Cena would be a “rebirth” of sorts. A devastating defeat that leads to either his revisiting his heel days or the classic “Rocky” story where he must fight back against the odds to regain the title. That way, most of the fans shift one way or the other.

There is, however, something to be said for what Cena had going right now. I’m racking my brain and can’t immediately come up with a Superstar that’s been as polarizing as the “Doctor of Thuganomics.”

Having great athletes is one thing, but becoming the successful wrestling empire that WWE is took something bigger – charisma. Cena’s got it.

WWE needs John Cenas, Ric Flairs, Hulk Hogans, Stone Colds and others who can work the crowd well, face or heel.

Love him or hate him, Cena is needed, will be missed by the company, and will no doubt get an explosive reaction when he finally returns.

Whichever way you feel, be human and wish him a speedy recovery.


Here’s where you’ll find feedback from wrestling fans on my takes and opinions. You’re welcome to send yours, good or bad, to But be warned – the WWE isn’t the only ones I won’t pull punches for!

Keep ’em short and you have a better chance of getting in. Got a long one? Then expect me to pull excerpts.

Read your RAW takes and agree with some if not most.

I strongly disagree with you on Hornswoggle, that was a HUGE letdown when he was announced as Vince’s bastard son, and has continued to be a HUGE letdown. There is no money in it, no money match that can come out of it, and if you think that dreck is funny I have a Police Academy script to sell ya … it is just brutal.

– Steve

Personally, I liked Police Academy. Sue me.

As I said, I too was supremely disappointed when Hornswoggle was announced as VKM’s son. Keep in mind, though, that it’s likely the writers were fixing things on the fly with Mr. Kennedy’s suspension and his suspected role in the original story.

I give the thumbs up to the writers for actually getting a few laughs out of me lately, but still stand by my original statement that his was the waste of what could have been a great storyline.

Not much 2 say but great job! keep up the good work! i’ll be reading these every week.

– Phil from WI

Thanks Phil. Glad to have you on board.

Hey, I’m just emailing to say, either Ive not been looking hard enough, or you’re new to the ‘my take on raw’ and I really liked this one. Usually you get some people who just give their opinions and you don’t really care, but I liked how you did it. Well done and hope to see some more. Will you be doing ECW and Smackdown too?

– Matt

Yep, you caught the inaugural edition of Sean O’Mac’s Takes, and you’ll be able to catch them after every Raw, Smackdown! and pay-per-view event. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do ECW at this time because of my work schedule. But fear not – my keyboard comrade Chris Cash will be hitting ECW with his takes!

John Cena hurt himself doing a hip toss. That does not equal decent in the ring. When doing a hiptoss, you have to stay standing so the guy can post off of you and go over cleanly. Also, you must be closer to your opponent when they come off of the ropes in order to not land them on the side of the ring. Cena lounges out and lands on Kennedy…GREAT WORKER HE IS!!! Even better, who called a leapfrog hiptoss? It’s nearly impossible to land, turn and run for that sort of move and even new wrestlers know that…

– Mike

I don’t know about you, Mike, but I’ve certainly screwed up on the job once or twice in my day. I don’t know if that’s what happened Monday, but I do know this much. If you or I could do better, we’d be on the roster.

Isn`t it funny how much alike shelton benjamin looked coming down the ramp like KOKO B WARE? … i was waiting for someone to bring freddy to the ring for him.

– John

It’s funny, John, but I’ve actually thought the same thing.

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