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Team Authority 2007

By: Chris â<80><9c>The Authorityâ<80> Schultz

Years ago, back when I used to write for WOW Magazine and various other websites, there was a column that I wrote annually that captured the attention of the readers. To be honest, it really was something I used to do for fun with a bunch of my friends. I never really intended for it to be anything more than that. Everyone does it in some shape, form, or fashion sometime in their life. David Letterman does it every night. That’s right, a Top 10 list. This is not your ordinary top ten list though. The way I come up with this list is not just based on who has been the most successful or who currently holds world titles. It’s my personal dream team, so to speak. I consider every thing from who is the hottest thing in professional wrestling right now to the ones with the potential to dominate a year or two down the road. As a matter of fact, some members of Team Authority you will agree with and yes, some you won’t. However, I try to back up each pick with reasons as to why I have selected them. Now let’s get this show on the road!

1.Randy Orton â<80>” No one has had quite the year like the Legend Killer! Just last night, Randy Orton etched his name into the wrestling history books by becoming the WWE Champion, not once, but twice in one night. What was even more impressive is how he was able to defeat future Hall of Famer, Triple H, in a Last Man Standing match. Triple H’s career is far from over, but I couldn’t help but feel as if we saw the passing of the torch. It wasn’t too long ago that Randy Orton was a student of The Game when they were part of Evolution. Orton has it all. He is a 3rd generation superstar. He has the looks, the charisma, and the attitude of a champion. He has already garnished victories over some of the biggest names in the industry such as HBK, The Undertaker, Triple H, RVD, and Rey Mysterio, and his career is just getting started. Orton became the youngest World Champion in the history of this business. We have yet to see Randy Orton in his prime and that alone is scary.

2.Christian Cage â<80>” The WWE’s loss was TNA’s gain when Captain Charisma made his way down South. How did Vince McMahon not capitalize on this potential? Christian Cage may not be the biggest man in the squared circle, but he doesn’t need to be. His athletic ability combined with his quick wit makes him an impact player in the ring. This man can make you laugh one second and then have you hating him the next. To think the same skinny blond kid with long hair from the Brood could turn out to be TNA World Heavyweight Champion is amazing. You can also credit Cage for giving TNA it’s first official mega star and help them get on the map. Although many of you can’t stand Christian and his Coalition, one this is for certain, he is an Instant Classic.

3.Kurt Angle â<80>” This guy probably comes at the top of most lists and there is no way you can have a Team Authority and not have the Olympic Gold Medalist inked in. Here is a guy who has had more success within 5 years than most wrestlers have in their career. I can’t think of one honor or piece of gold that this man hasn’t worn around his waist or his neck. Angle truly is the best pure wrestler in the industry today. How could McMahon let this one get away as well? As long as Kurt Angle is on the card, you will get your money’s worth for the night. He is the best in this business and makes his opponents look even better. You would be hard pressed to find a person out there that doesn’t respect what Angle has accomplished. To be honest, I think he is getting even better in and out of the ring. Could this be true? Oh, it’s true, it’s damn……Wait! Backup! It’s real, it’s damn real!

4.Ken Kennedy â<80>” Please tell me you can’t see the potential here. When JBL says Mr. Kennedy is the fastest rising star in the business today, listen to him. To be completely honest, Kennedy should be a champion by now. Unfortunately, the outspoken superstar has been bitten by the injury bug towards the beginning of what should be an outstanding career in professional wrestling. Kennedy just has it. You just know that he will be around for years to come and will be main eventing from coast to coast. He’s cocky, he is loud, he is proud, he is Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Kennnnneeeeedddddddyyyyyy! Kennedy!

5.Christopher Daniels â<80>” Several years ago, I was backstage at a local independent wrestling show in the Chicago area and I bumped into this guy with bleach blond hair and some sort of choke around his neck with some religious tattoo on his chest. I was with WOW at the time and sure enough he saw the latest issue in my hand and stopped me. He then opened the magazine up and asked me who wrote the article that he was pointing to. This was one of the first times I can remember being so happy that it wasn’t my article. Why? Well, let’s just say that what was written about him was less than flattering and basically said no one cared about the Mike Modest vs. Christopher Daniels match on WCW. Boy did he look mad and I don’t blame him. Even during his days in the independent circuit, I was a fan of Daniels and had much respect for his abilities in the ring. Unfortunately, Daniels didn’t have the size that the WWE or the WCW were looking for at the time. However, TNA gave Christopher Daniels the ball and he has run with it ever since. To watch him now on Thursday nights compete with some of the best puts a smile on my face and forever thankful that I didn’t write that article.

6.Triple H â<80>” If I ever started my own pro wrestling company, he would be the very first I would go after. People that know me real well, know that I mark out for The Game. He was, is, and forever shall be my favorite superstar ever to grace the squared circle. His passion for the business supersedes any others that I have come across. The King of Kings might actually go down as the best that this industry has ever seen. If you want to sell out arenas, put Triple H in the main event. 2 words: He Delivers. I can see the Cerebral Assassin surpassing Ric Flair as â<80><9c>The Manâ<80> when his career comes to an end. Let’s just hope that is not any time too soon.

7.Jeff Jarrett â<80>” This won’t be the most popular pick, but you have to give The King of the Mountain his due. There would be no TNA without Jarrett. Like Triple H, Jarrett is one of the best heels in the business today. Not only that, but The Chosen One can go with just about anyone in a 6 sided or 4 sided ring. You can put him in with a luchador or a 7 foot Giant and Jarrett will give the fans something to talk about. The wrestling junkie in me craves for another fix of the guitar swinging, loud mouthed, country boy from Tennessee back in the ring again real soon!

8.Bobby Lashley â<80>” Just do me a favor and keep him off the microphone. Future WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion. That’s a no brainer!

9.Edge â<80>” Vince McMahon wasn’t about to let another superstar get away like Christian. It was easy to see that it was Edge’s time for a title run. It’s hard for me to put into words why Edge is such a good champion and wrestler. Here is a guy who waited for his time and paid his dues to get to where he is at. Randy Orton and Edge are my 2 picks to usher in the new era of the WWE.

10. The Fans â<80>” That’s right! I am voting all of you readers and fans across the globe to round out this year’s Team Authority. Without you, there wouldn’t be a WWE or TNA. I consider myself no more than just your ordinary fan. Through all the ups and downs and the peaks and valleys that this business has, we have stayed through it all and survived the storm. We fill the arenas and bingo halls every week night and weekend. We wear the t-shirts of our favorite superstars proud to be a fan. We can make or brake a superstars career. We decide who is champion. We are a family and proud to be associated with this great business. You are the most deserving to be on the list. Have a good end to 2007 and here is looking forward to another great year in 2008. Who knows? We might see the return of the Monday Night Wars again. Only time will tell.

Tell me who your Top 10 is!

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