Receipts: My Response To Jericho & Killing WCW


Two things on my agenda this week:

Number one, I read some of Chris Jericho’s book as it pertained to the sections I was mentioned in. First of all, Martin Short IS NOT funny. I started this debate in WCW. Jericho and I were arguing over the supposed “humor” of Martin Short. I just think the guy sucks. Well, Jericho, being a fellow Canadian, thought he was funny. So we get Bob Ryder to post a poll of the boys on WCW’s website of whether or not Martin Short was funny, and surprisingly, NOT FUNNY barely won.

I thought it would be a landslide. However, we had a lot of Canadians in WCW back then which kind of skewed the numbers in my opinion. I’d like to put up a poll on this website as to whether or not everyone feels that he’s funny. The answers would have to be A.) Funny and American. B.) Funny and Canadian C.) Not funny and American D.) Not funny and Canadian. I doubt there would be a lot of A’s and D’s.

Secondly, Jericho referred to me as a “dweeb” when talking about me introducing him to his wife. Also, he referenced me as the #143 reason WCW went out of business. Let me say this: from this point on and at least once in every future article I write, the actions, words, and everything else involved in Chris Jericho’s career will be heavily critiqued, scrutinized, and analyzed, beginning with his failed return to Raw which hasn’t boosted ratings and his ridiculous outfit that he wears.

There’s only so much you can say about a guy whose father you can see getting his ass beat in hockey fights on YouTube. In the future I won’t be as nice as I was this week to the man that besmirched the good name of the guy that introduced him to the mother of his stupid kids.

Number two on my agenda is in reference to the recent Raw magazine article citing myself as the number four reason Nitro failed, just behind David Arquette, The Misfits in Action, and Warrior and Beefcake. Also, I was just ahead of Mongo McMichael. This might be my proudest moment in wrestling, for finally getting the credit I deserve for ruining Nitro.

Interesting that of the fifteen reasons that were mentioned, Bischoff wasn’t one of them. Neither was Johnny Ace, who was in charge of creative when the last month of them aired. Come to think of it, four weeks after I got taken off the booking committee, WCW went out of business. So, theoretically, I could make a case that taking me off the booking committee directly caused Nitro to fail. I should be number one!

On a related subject, let’s name ten of the reasons why Raw’s ratings have gone from a 6.9 to a 3.8.

10.) Reformation of DX with a 40 and 38 year old.

9.) Mae young gives birth to a hand

8.) Kurt Angle wears a wig

7.) The death of Vince McMahon

6.) Johnny Laurinaitis signs the wrong one-legged guy

5.) The Mexicools

4.) Benoit tribute show

3.) Katie Vick

Tie for first

1.) Hornswoggle McMahon

1.) Y2J’s return

I’ll be back next week with more reasons Raw went out of business and a critical review of the superband “Fozzy”.


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