Saving WrestleMania

Kevin Kelly

I’m sorry but the build for Orton vs Cena vs Hunter for the WWE Championship has been flat as earth in the 14th century. They’ve played it close to the vest but I’ve got a way to heat it up.

This idea will make Randy Orton a huge heel, magnify John Cena’s babyface status and bring some real fire to Triple H. He needs emotion and this will do it.

At the top of Raw this week, JR announces the main event is a Triple Threat Match with Triple H, Mr. Kennedy and Jeff Hardy and that later on, we will hear from Stephanie McMahon. “Who knows what she is going to say?”

At 9:30, Stephanie arrives at the arena, pushing a baby carriage and probably showing that she’s pregnant again. She walks down the hall as the announcers preview Stephanie’s interview later on. Stephanie approaches Triple H and the announcers lay out.

Stephanie–“Looking good, champ!”

Hunter–“A couple of more weeks… I wish Mania was tonight!”

Stephanie–“You’ve got a Triple Threat Match tonight and we’ll be here to watch!”

Hunter–“I’m glad…you look nervous.”

Stephanie–“Well, I am a little. We’re taking a big step tonight. Are you sure you’re ok with this?”

Hunter–“Everyone knows it anyway, you’ll be fine. Listen, I’ve got to get ready”

Hunter looks into the carriage, smiles, kisses Steph and walks away. Commercial break.

Top of the 10pm hour, Todd Grisham interviews Stephanie. She has the baby carriage with her. Todd allows Stephanie to announce that she and Triple H are indeed a family (avoiding saying “married”). She says that despite the fact that the WWE is her family’s business, she and Hunter decided to keep “their” family out of the spotlight. But, she wanted to publicly get this out of the way and she will be watching Hunter win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. Very nice babyface interview.

On her last words, the lights go out on the RAW set… Todd wonders if a fuse blew… Lights come back on and the baby carriage is gone. Someone has stolen Hunter and Stephanie’s baby! A frantic Stephanie runs, looking for her missing child, screaming for Hunter… Commercial

Back from break, JR and the King reset what has happened and security is looking for the child but so far, no one has found her. Throw a cold match into the ring as a split screen shows what’s going on backstage. Stephanie and Hunter are running backstage, opening doors, frantic.

The announcers say that security has locked the building down so whomever has the baby can’t leave the arena. Still, the tension is thick in their voices and a sense of doom lingers.

After the match, we go backstage and the search continues. As the camera follows the search, Todd Grisham narrates and catches a brief interview with William Regal. The GM sympathetically announces that Hunter has been excused from the main event but Mr. Kennedy will still face Jeff Hardy. It seems that everyone is looking to help.

Hunter is screaming at a security guard in the next segment as we come back from break and John Cena runs in, offering to help. Hunter says thanks and quickly continues searching, screaming “who the hell would do this?”. The camera stays on Cena and he looks like he knows who might have done it. Back to the ring for a Diva match…

At the end of the match, Hunter and Stephanie are continuing to search. They enter an empty locker room and in the corner on the floor, they find the baby’s blanket. Stephanie shrieks and Hunter sobs loudly. They hold each other, cradling the empty baby blanket.

Main event time, Jeff Hardy faces Mr. Kennedy. They get a ladder involved and Hardy takes both himself and Kennedy out with a huge spot. With both men down and no music, Randy Orton comes down the ramp… pushing the baby carriage.

Randy gets a mic and lifts the carriage into the ring. He says the search is over and he’s found the baby. He calls Hunter and Stephanie out. No music, together they do. Orton now turns evil.


Hunter starts to run to the ring. Randy verbally cuts him off, threatening to do something he might regret. That stops Hunter, who is seething while Stephanie is crying uncontrollably.

Hunter moves again and Randy grabs the carriage. He says, “Let me show you what’s at risk…”. Randy goes into the carriage… but it’s EMPTY! As Randy is freaking out, John Cena runs down the ramp, holding the baby wrapped in a blanket. Cena hands the baby to Stephanie. The camera mic picks up Cena quickly telling the shocked and happy parents that the baby was in safe but hidden in Orton’s dressing room. Hunter checks with Steph and the baby. Orton is going ballistic!

Once Hunter realizes that the baby is fine, revenge oozes from his pores. As he and Cena start to run to the ring, Orton bails and never looks back. Hunter’s music hits as he and Cena shake hands and hug. Hunter’s face says he will kill Orton.

So, what are we left with? Orton is the heel of all heels and Hunter wants to kill him. Cena is the hero and Hunter owes him one but next week, we learn that both men still want each other’s best at WrestleMania. Regal has to order a cooling off period for everyone’s sake.

Steph did her part, humanizing Hunter and we don’t see her anymore. No mom would ever leave her baby again. Hunter goes over at Mania and Cena continues the chase. Orton is still hunted by Triple H so he’ll always have title shots.

What we have is a little fire in a scenario that needs it. I’d love to hear what you think. Am I wrong about this match needing “something”? If so, how would you heat it up? Let’s talk about it in the Forums.

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