The Book Of Legend; Chapter 5

Joe E. Legend

So, here we are again with Chapter 5.

I guess I want to start out by thanking everyone who has written in to my E-mail account ( with responses to my articles thus far. The responses to “Chapter 4” were so positive and wonderful. It’s nice to know that I’m not totally alone in how I think the business should be run.


I have been reading a lot of what my contemporaries have been writing and I do agree with a lot of it.

Not all, mind you. But there are definitely some valid points from all.

Even from Disco!!

Now, Disco mentioned that he thinks that Konnan and Chris should have their show canceled due to it being the “bash TNA show” and nothing more.

In truth, this isn’t exactly the best solution to Disco’s problem, but there is something to it.

If the subject matter is troubling Disco, he can’t think the answer is simply “stop talking about it and all of the problems will go away”. That’s a cheap way to ignore a problem rather than fixing it.

It’s the same mentality as a person addicted to pain-killers. They numb the symptoms rather than cure the cause.

If K-Dogg’s show is really so terrible, eventually people will stop listening. But I would assume that they are not. Konnan is one of the most intelligent, funny, entertaining people I know so I would imagine getting people to turn away from listening to him would be difficult.

So, rather than muzzle the K-Dogg, I propose that Disco start a “Pro-TNA” show in support of his company. It’s totally fair and if his opinions are as valid as he believes them to be, he won’t have ANY problem drawing the same (or better) ratings.

Freedom of speech works on BOTH sides of the coin.

Actually, I’ll even jump-start the topic for his first show.

Basically people, enjoy.

I was speaking to my brother recently about sports and we were both agreed that we grew up and are living in an AWESOME time in history to be a sports fan. We got to see first hand:

-Michael Jordan at the top of his game

-Wayne Gretzky become “The Great One”

-Joe Montana winning Superbowls

-The Miracle on Ice

-Tiger Woods changing Golf forever!!

-Mike Tyson DOMINATE boxing

-The advent of MMA

-Wrestling… FINALLY in the mainstream!

and on and on and on!

The fact is, sometimes it was the person (ie. Tyson, Jordan) and sometimes it was the situation (ie. Miracle on Ice, The 49ers,). But regardless, the excitement was there because there were GREAT athletes plying their trade in their chosen field of excellence.

TNA has such athletes.

Quite frankly, Kurt Angle might be the best ever. I know we have to endure the HORRIBLE writing surrounding him. One day, he’s a milk drinking nerd, next day he’s a hard ass, driven tough guy. It’s inconsistent and frustrating to try and get emotionally involved in, but at the end of the day, just watch the magic he creates in the ring.

Now, I would NEVER buy a TNA PPV since I have personal issues with that company and thus wouldn’t give them a dime. But I have to admit, I’ll check out a Kurt match on YouTube simply because he’s BETTER than the company he works for.

The same goes for the “Motor City Machine Guns”.

These 2 are without question THE BEST TEAM IN THE BUSINESS TODAY, BAR NONE!! Once again, my opinion is somewhat biased as they are students of mine but just watch what they bring to the table. They are incredible singles wrestlers who have made an even BETTER team. They make everyone they work with raise their game to another level and in turn, improve the overall product of a company too foolish to push them the way they deserve to be.

On a side note (and Disco, this doesn’t help your “Pro TNA” argument, so don’t worry about answering this) the “MCMG” have more flat out integrity than the company as well.

Wrestlezone had the story about a week or so ago that the “MCMG” had heat backstage due to the fact that they didn’t want to blade during a TV taping. The office wanted them to cut and scar themselves for no other reason than they hadn’t booked things well and felt that having these 2 slice themselves open would cover up stupid booking.

Now, I totally believe that blood CAN help an angle out, but over use simply makes it common place and thus, not as shocking as it could be. Wearing it out on TV would only make it’s value on PPV depreciate.

Sabin and Shelley said they weren’t comfortable with the blade job and didn’t want to do it. The were “called out on the carpet” for this and bullied, but these 2 stood their ground.

Quite frankly, in an era where AIDS and other blood transmitted diseases are killing people left and right, I think it’s a good idea to keep all open wounds to a minimum. Not to mention the fact that some of the guys in the TNA ring are not contracted talent. If that’s the case, what is the policy on health and blood tests for these workers? Medically untested talent sweating and bleeding on a dirty canvas, and you want Shelley and Sabin to voluntarily open their flesh on this bacteria farm?

Well, they stuck to their (Motor City Machine) Guns and didn’t blade. Instead, they had liberties taken on them and got beat up by people who were there to protect them while WORKING WITH THEM!!

Then they were fined for not following orders.

And now they’re doing straight jobs to Hoyt and Rave.

It’s a shame to see the best team in wrestling treated this way ESPECIALLY when it was to protect their own health.

Something the company SHOULD be putting at a premium, but obviously aren’t.

So I want to say right here and now to the MCMG:

“Guys, I’m SOOOO proud of you!! You did the right thing and anyone with an ounce of sense should stand up and applaud you more for this than for your efforts in the ring. And you’ll get a standing ovation from me for those efforts as well”.

In fact, the next time anyone reading this column is at a TNA TV taping or house show, please, stand up and let these two athletes know how much respect their actions truly deserve.

But, back to the “Pro TNA” bit.

I think the fans can and should always be telling the promotions what they want as it’s their cash which keeps the business afloat. Fans have been telling TNA for a long time that they are NOT happy with the booking, but the office isn’t listening as they keep booking foolish angles in the guise of “it’s entertainment”.

So, I say that if you keep buying the PPV’s, TNA can’t help but figure you’re “in to” the product. No matter how much complaining people do about TNA, the office isn’t listening since it’s just a wall of negativity yet it doesn’t seem to affect the buy rates.

What I’m suggesting is, start with some positive as well. Let them know when you like something and give them a little “thumbs up” for it.

I’ve been in the locker room during conversations about negative internet reviews and heard Dutch say:

“These internet nerds are all stupid. They complain and complain but they don’t know what they want. That’s why we tell them what to like. It get’s them on OUR page!”

However, when a review is positive, he says:

“Ya see? I told you they’d like this. We’re getting great reviews on (whatever the angle is) so now you see I know what the audience wants”.

Essentially, if you don’t like what he’s doing, he regards you as an idiot. But if you like it, you’re an intelligent fan who “gets it”.

Even if the reviews are overwhelmingly negative (like 100-1), he’ll take the “I’m so much smarter than them” stance and get defensive. It’s an ego thing and it’s wrong, but it exists.

So, it’s pretty obvious that he responds better to positive feedback than negative. Therefore, I suggest you gush and glow about anything good in TNA. There is a lot of talent there to praise.

But regarding the negative, unless you’re so frustrated about what they’re doing that you HAVE to vent (I’ve been there and don’t judge ANYONE for it), I’d say ignore it. There is nothing they hate more than being ignored.

You’ve heard the expression “no news is good news”? This is the opposite in wrestling.

“At least they’re talking” is something they usually say when they can’t defend something and if they aren’t getting ANY feedback on a topic, it implies disinterest.

They can praise a fan who likes their stuff.

They can insult a “smark” who buries it.

But they can’t defend a bad idea if it looks like no one is watching.

Being a fan should be fun. Getting involved (as the internet has allowed wrestling fans to be more than any other sport-related field in the world) should be fun too.

So, be a fan.

If the skits are stupid, disregard them.

If the promos are long and boring, mute them.

If the angles are ridiculous, ignore them.

If the product is too embarrassing, don’t spend money on it.

If in order to have fun you have to set aside 70% of what they put forth, TiVo the show, put some blinders on and just watch some of the best do what they do best.

Be a WRESTLING fan. It’s the foundation of why you started watching in the first place. Everything else is just wrapping paper on the gift itself.

It SHOULD be attractive.

It SHOULD be enticing.

It SHOULD lend to the enjoyment of the gift and in a perfect world, it would.

But it seems that SOME would give you an expensive gift and STILL have it delivered it in a plain brown bag by a guy in a clown suit. The bag is dull and boring, (the writing, the promos) the clown is ridiculous (the characters, the angles) but if you can disregard all of that crap and open the bag, there might just be a decent gift (Christian Cage, Samoa Joe, MCMG, Angle, Petey Williams, Rhino) inside.

It’s just too bad they try so hard to cover up the good with so much bad.

So, there you have it. I guess I’ll sew it up there and save more for something next week.

I was thinking about writing something regarding some of the positives that wrestling has brought to the table over the years. Between congressional hearings regarding steroids to violent outbursts from wrestlers (and those who watch wrestling), we have a pretty bad image.

I’ll see if I can’t shine a better light on this industry.


“Be the changes in the world you wish to see” – Ghandi

Talk at ya soon.

All the best and God Bless.

Joe E Legend

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