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*Eric Stein has joined the ranks of wrestlezone. No offense, but that does sound like it would be a pretty funny name for a job guy. I see hee was on Big Brother 8. In a related story, my first ever girlfriend was a finalist on Big Brother 2. Nicole. 2nd place. If you watched it and thought she was annoying, she wasn’t acting. Trust me.

*I really enjoyed Kevin Kelly’s angle. That was the first good article that Kevin wrote, and probably the only one he should’ve been paid for. It sure had more creativity then the rest of the “let’s gang up on tna’s creative” garbage that you see on this site. It certainly was better than that ridiculous “would tna hire HHH?” crap he wasted space on the site with. Actually, i know what writer’s block feels like. Thank God the rest of the authors on the site write enough about me that i can respond to.

*Whatever happened to Chris “the self-professed Authority” Schulz? I imagine he’s probably locked in his basement watching 658 hours of old ECW and ROH tapes.

*Thank God we didn’t have to suffer through another 5150 Live this week. I guess since I called out Konnan and his pitiful little stooge chris cash, they have hopefully permanantely cancelled it. I’ll miss those classic exchanges they used to have

Konnan: “How dumb was that Nascar shit? Who the fuk is Juan Pablo Montoya? TNA is so terrible.”

CC: “Yeah, Konnan. I don’t know how TNA thinks they’re going to draw money with Nascar guys.”

Konnan: “Can you believe what they’re doing with AJ Styles? What a bunch of idiots.”

CC: “Yeah, Konnan. I can’t believe they made him wear a reindeer suit. Terrible booking.”

I wonder since they’ve exhausted their “discussions” on TNA if they’ll have anything to talk about. I guess since they don’t, the show has been cancelled. Well, maybe they can have a show about ROH. Has anyone heard my Ring of Honor song? It’s sung to the tune of “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash.


are a crazy thing

when you do ’em

outside the ring.


by high flyers,

i fell into a ring of honor.

I fell into a burning ring of honor.

I fell down, down, down,

and my knee was a goner.

And it burns, burns, burns,

the ring of honor.

The ring of honor.

My arm

is in a splint,

’cause i wrestled

in the main event.


broke kayfabe.

Now i’m gettin’ buried by a guy named gabe.

I fell into a burning ring of honor.

I fell down, down, down

and my knee was a goner.

And it burns, burns, burns,

the ring of honor.

The ring of honor.

*It’s good to see I’ve written enough of stuff on this site, or else The Book Of Legend would be a very short volume crammed with misinformation. It’ good to see Joe knows so much about AJ’s character. He wore a turkey suit on one show in november, and i guess Joe thinks that’s been enough to ruin him in the eyes of the fans that want to see him wrestle 20 minute matches every week. Funny reference on Henning. The only difference is that in this day and age, Henning losing everything would be on the internet before the angle actually happens, and the smart fans would be chanting “Henning’s Homeless” before it airs on tv. Seriously, Joe. I love AJ’s character, but to put him in the same character as Rock, Taker, Austin, Hart and those guys is unfair to him. I know you’re in the category of people that doesn’t think comedy draws, but i think Muhammad Ali would have something to say about that. Entertainment is entertainment. There are people that watch the show for different reasons. You think the booking of AJ’s character is wrong. I don’t. Right now he has the most compelling story on the show, and if you think it’s ruining his credibility in the fans eyes, you’re definately being overly critical.

As for my run in TNA, the gimmick didn’t bottom out, i got hurt. i blew my back out in a match and was out for a few months. You say,”main event MONEY players have ALWAYS been booked to be taken seriously. Uh that’s the truth.” I say,”Rock and Sock Connection.” But i guess in your book Mr. socko doesn’t count.

*I’m going to open up a thread in my forum on what is your single most memorable angle you’ve ever seen. It can qualify because it was so good, or so bad. I’m interested in seeing what people think. My most memorable was when Joe Legend told Mike Sanders that he “looked like Elton John’s life partner” on a show in Glasgow. Well, not really the most memorable, but i did think that line was great. My most memorable was when The Honky Tonk Man dressed up as Kim chee and beat up Jake, and Jesse the Body goes,”You mean to tell me all this time The Honky Tonk Man was Kim Chee?”

*These are just my opinions. I could be wrong, but I haven’t been yet.

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