Random Thoughts


*Wow! Has a professional wrestler ever had a worse week than Jeff Hardy? I hope the guy has his head on straight right now. They say the true test of a man is how he deals with adversity. This is the most adversity anyone would have to endure. Lose your paycheck, then lose everything you own. Geez.

*Excellent article this week by Eric Stein. He’s right on the money with the catch phrases. I would suggest that people try to come up with some for TNA talent, also. Then i can steal them and present them to the bookers as my idea.

*If Raven is going to consider Joe Rogan as the best commentator, even though it’s UFC and not pro wrestling, then i’m going to go one step further. I think Jim Lampley is in a class of his own on the HBO boxing broadcasts. I love it when he’s paired with Larry Merchant and Lennox Lewis. Merchant is such a great heel. Never been in a fight in his life, and here he is inteviewing a guy after he’s been punched in the face 165 times. Great interview after Pavlik’s first win over Taylor. “What was going through your head at this moment?” referring to him getting knocked down in the second round. And Pavlik goes,”Shit, it’s going to be a long night?” WTF do you think is going on in his head Larry? The guy just got a friggin’ concussion. Lennox Lewis had a great line from that first fight, too. After Pavlik survived after getting knocked down and pummeleld in the second round, as the round is ending, Lewis, in that great British accent, says, “Pavlik is a tough cookie from Youngstown!” Lampley has the most dramatic voice in sports, and i love it when he pleads with the refs to stop it when a guy is getting annhiliated. You can here the concern for the guy’s well-being as he screams, “You can stop it any time, Joe!” HBO boxing is the single greatest presentation in sports. I NEVER miss a fight. And i love it that you can watch it over and over on on demand.

*For all of you Shark-Boy haters, watch the updated TNA Today segment from the Pikeville house show on tnawrestling.com and you’ll see that Shark-Boy actually has alot more fans than you would’ve thought.

*Rock n Rave Infection. They’re creating alot of contraversy. I love it how people can’t stand the gimmick. In this day and age of wrestling, where your internet audience represents a vocal portion of the crowd, it’s difficult to be a real heel. One, if you’re a really good heel you’re going to have fans. Two, it’s difficult these days to get legitimate, want to come over the rail and kick your ass myself type heat, because, well, wrestling’s not real. So, what can you do? I think what you’re doing with the Rock n Rave is what you do. Give them a gimmick that smart marks, fans, internet people, kids, adults, brothers, sisters, motorcycle gang members and everybody with a pulse can’t stand. Then you beat them up for 95% of the match and put them over in the end. Seriously, I even think the gimmick stinks, but the guys can work. Do you remember when the Honky Tonk Man debuted? He was supposed to be a face, but the gimmick was so bad that the people turned him. In the year 2008, Rock n Rave is the new Honky style gimmick. Wait till they start getting pushed.

*Speaking of Shark-Boy. Y2Jake should be suspended as a moderator in the forums. A poster reported on the Pikeville house show from another site, and it referred to how many Shark-Boy t-shirts were in the crowd. So, Y2Jake decided to close the thread because he didn’t believe it. I actally called Pat kenney, the road agent, to see if Shark-boy sold alot of merchandise. “Tons” he told me, not to mention the biggest pop on the show. Moderators don’t have to be unbiased, but for God sakes don’t ry to censor the TNA product if you don’t like it. What an ass. Thank goodness i convinced Konnan’s pitiful little crony Chris Cash to open the thread back up. I’m going to start petitioning for the banning of Y2Jake, just like the Honky Tonk man tried to ban the DDT. It would be difficult to have a classy forum if the mods are going to delete pro TNA threads and posts. IMO.

*Gotta give Chris “the self-proffessed Authority” Shulz a little bit of credit from our debate. After he got squashed by me, he showed alot of balls by continuing to post articles. I admit, they’ve been better. Chris would make a good jobber.

*How about some props for my Georgia Bulldogs. Winning as an underdog three times in two days is quite an accomplishment. Look for them to pull off a first round upset. You heard it here first.

c ya next week

ps Good articles across the board this week by all the writers. Keep up the good work.

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