Booking Wrestling 101: “Why Is CM Being Punked By WWE?”


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I just want to start off by saying thank you so much for all of the positive feedback for my debut column last week here on WrestleZone. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s feedback. I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to write any of you back, things have just been crazy over here getting things ready for my upcoming Fan Slam Wrestling Fan Festival 15th Anniversary Convention. I promise that in the future I will return everyone’s letters. I enjoy reading your feedback and it’s the main reason why I enjoy writing these columns. It is to entertain you, the fans of this wonderful sport we call professional wrestling. So you keep the feedback coming and I’ll keep the columns coming!

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Now onto today’s column!

Why is CM getting punked in WWE?

When Punk won the MITB ladder match at WM24, I said to myself “Finally they are going to do something with this guy.” Boy was I wrong! Either Punk has a ton of heat with the office or their creative team is the SHITS! Seriously! How can you miss the boat on this kid? He got pinned CLEAN by Miz on ECW this past week. I think Miz has gotten worlds better and I really dig him and John Morrison as a tag team, but he shouldn’t be pinning Punk clean. No one should be! This kid is walking around with a briefcase that suppose to be so important and he’s losing clean to Miz?!? Come on!

Punk should be getting booked really strong right now. He SHOULD NOT be losing. While I loved that they put William Regal over in the King of the Ring tournament last month, it would have made more sense to give it to Punk. Punk looked great in the first two matches going over on Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy. If Punk would have won the KITR as well, WWE creative could have ran with that. They could have built up how Punk is the hottest superstar in the WWE, winning MITB and KOTR the last few months. He could have then went on a long winning streak and cashed in his MITB at WM25 next year. It would have been the perfect story. It still could be.

So WWE, take out your notebook and jot down notes, because this week’s Booking Wrestling 101 class is now in session…………………..

Make Punk a FREE AGENT!

CM Punk’s ECW contract expires on July 1st. Armando Estrada tries to renew it but Punk says he’s going to explore his options. They can shoot vignettes where he goes to Raw and Smackdown and meets with their GM’s about signing with their brand. They can make a big deal out of this. They could build it up for a few weeks, making a big deal out of which brand will Punk choose. The three GM’s show up to Raw to find out which brand Punk will choose. Punk turns all of them down and says he’s a free agent and will appear on any show he wants, whenever he wants. He says as long as he has his MITB briefcase, he could do whatever he wants. By doing an angle where everyone is fighting with each other to try and get Punk to their brand, it makes Punk seem like a big deal.

For the next few months or so, I’d have Punk appear on all three brands. I’d build him up nice and slow. I’d have him go through the lower level guys on all three brands first. Then he goes over on all of the mid-card guys. Then six months from now have him finally go face to face with a top guy. When he finally gets face to face with a top guy, fans will be watering from their mouths wanting to see Punk finally break through the glass ceiling. Feed him Robbie, Rory, Charlie Haas, Super Crazy, Val Venis, Stevie Richards, Nunzio, Funaki, Duce, Domino, etc. Incorporate a Goldberg winning streak into Punk’s gimmick. I’d even have Punk enter the ring through the audience. Come WM25 next year when he cashes in his MITB, fans will be DYING to see him finally win the big one.

Edge would be the PERFECT opponent for Punk next year at WM25. Edge could be the world champion going into WM and Punk cashes in his MITB against him. Edge is such an awesome heel and would really get Punk over huge as a babyface. A GREAT way to build heat for this match would be Edge jumping Punk in the parking lot and giving him a bloody beat down. Could you imagine Edge throwing Punk through a car window, taking him out of the car, and pouring a bottle of vodka down his throat?!?! Can you imagine the heat that would get? I can see it now. Edge is screaming at a bloody Punk saying “So you’re straight edge? You don’t drink? Well I’m the Rated R Superstar, so now you do!” He then takes out a bottle of vodka and pours it down Punk’s throat. Now that’s heat! Old school heat!

Punk the following week does an interview sitting in the locker room all alone in the corner with his head held between his legs. He finally raises his head and is crying. He says he’s always promised himself that he would never drink alcohol in his entire life. He says “I can live with this cuts on my face from being thrown through the car window, they will heel. I could live with the pain I’m feeling right now by being attacked by you last week, the pain will go away. However, I can’t live with the fact that you forced me to drink alcohol last week. I will never be able to take that away. Since you have taken away something from me Edge, I will now take something away from you. Come WM25, I’m taking your world title!”

After that build up, I would pay to see that match! The Straight Edge Superstar against the Rated R Superstar for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 25. It sounds really good.

This kid could be the future of the WWE. I just can’t believe they don’t see the same thing I do. He gets a SUPER reaction when he comes out and they haven’t even pushed him big yet. Can you imagine how much the fans would get behind him if you gave them a reason to? He could be the next big babyface for their company. His merchandise could be a cash cow.

Man, I wish I was writing for WWE!

Tommy Fierro


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