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It seems as though Mr. Glenn Gilbertti isn’t a fan of my columns, or is he? He continues to give me negative feedback in his weekly rants. No biggie. Everyone is in titled to their opinion. However, as long as he’s taking time to write about me in his column each and every week, I’m doing something right. He’s talking about me. So please continue to spell my name right.

I’m actually going to give Disco what he wants this week. I’m going to book his WWE entrance like he asked for in his latest column. Why you might ask? Two reasons. One is because I’d actually like to POP the DI with one of my columns, which I think would be ultimate revenge. Two is because I’d like to show WWE that they are missing out on a good piece of talent that they could make money off of (see DI, I’m still putting you over even though you are treating me like the Terry Gibbs of WrestleZone)

Disco Inferno’s WWE Debut

They start airing weekly vignettes with Mae Young on Smackdown. She keeps talking about how she’s the happiest woman in the world and has met the greatest guy. She says he’s much younger than her but he really knows what he’s doing. Each week they show different skits with Young and her “boyfriend” but you don’t get to see who the boyfriend is. You see someone under the covers “taking care of” Young while she groans in pleasure. You see someone washing her back in the tub. You see someone giving her a massage. Just who is this mystery man? This plays out for a good six weeks worth of skits until the wrestling fans sitting at home are at the edge of their seats waiting to find out who it is. Young announces she’s going to introduce her boyfriend to the world next week on Smackdown.

The following week on Smackdown her boyfriend is revealed as Disco Inferno. He comes out to his old WCW music and gimmick. After six weeks worth of vignettes, he already has heat with the audience the second he walks out because they had been dying to see who the boyfriend was. I’m sure some of the current WWE audience knows Disco, who will be shocked that not only he’s finally in the WWE, but Mae Young’s boy toy none the less.

She starts appearing in his corner for his matches. Disco wins every match with the help of Young. For the finish of every match, Young takes out “Hand” from her purse and Disco uses it to hit his opponent with it to score the win. If you don’t remember “Hand”, it was the love child of Mae Young and Mark Henry’s many years ago. Young could say she would do anything to see her man win, including risking her own “Hand’s” life.

So now you have this piece of shit heel coming out dancing to disco music, dating a ninety year old lady, and using a fake hand to score wins over his opponents. Sounds like good heat to me. But we can make it even better.

Disco uses the hand again to score another victory, this time against U.S. Champion Matt Hardy in a non-title match. This time however he breaks “Hand” after hitting Hardy over the head with it. Mark Henry runs down and begins crying like he just lost his own son. This sets up for a tag team match the following week with Mark Henry & Matt Hardy against Disco & MVP. At the end of the match, Henry turns on Hardy and leaves him for dead. Henry goes with Disco as his enforcer.

So now you have a guy that not only dances to disco music, has a ninety year old girlfriend, and uses a “Hand” to win matches; but now he has a 400 pound monster backing him up. I’d have him go over on Hardy for the U.S. title and give him a long run with the title, much like Honky Tonk Man had with the Intercontinental title. Disco could even claim to be the “Greatest United States Champion of all times.” His gimmick could be that he’s a chicken shit heel that always comes out on top because of Henry’s help.

They could milk it really slow where Disco is treating Mark Henry bad and Henry continues to put up with it. Much like when Virgil broke away from Ted DiBiase and Batista broke away from Triple H, fans will pop HUGE when Henry finally breaks away for Disco. But you could get a good six months to a year out of this. It seems as though WWE doesn’t know what to do with Henry. I bet you ANYTHING that Disco would help get Henry over so big as a babyface that fans will PAY to see Henry get revenge on Disco.

Can you imagine how many funny skits they could do with this angle? How about Disco and Mae Young at the movies making out while you see Mark Herny in the row behind them eating popcorn? Disco and Mae walking on the beach holding hands? How funny would it be if Disco got Mae pregnant and they show them in the hospital and yet another hand comes out of her. This time however the hand is black! Can you imagine Disco’s face realizing that “Hand” isn’t his and she had been sleeping behind his back with Mark Henry? Priceless! There are countless funny skits they can do with this.

I hope you enjoyed my latest column DI.


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