Random Thoughts: Rating Flaws, Michael Moody DVD Review, Disturbing Posters


*When wrestling sites say so and so lost 275,000 viewers and so and so gained 300,000 viewers for their segments, take it with a grain of salt. Here’s the problem with the reporting of quarter hour ratings: They don’t accurately describe the amount of viewers a segment gains and loses. When I was booking in WCW, we had a lady from the marketing department at TNT that would get us the minute by minute ratings of both Nitro and Raw. Even though nielsen ratings are not an exact science, the minute by minutes were as close to the real thing as it gets. When Raw would go to commercial, viewers would tune in to our show and vice versa. We knew exactly what wrestlers were gaining and losing viewers. Also, when a monday night football game sucked both shows gained viewers by the minute, and when the games were good the wrestling shows lost viewers by the minute. The main problem with the quarter hours is that say, for instance, from 9:15 to 9:30 Kaz will have a match that’s preceeded and followed by a commercial break. Well, that’s going to cost viewers during that specific quarter. If you saw the minute by minutes, and I don’t know if TNA has access to them, then you would know if coming back from commercial wheter or not people were tuning in to Kaz, and after his match whether or not they were tuning out. In summary, don’t take anything from quarter hour ratings.

*Michael Moody sent me a dvd of New Jack: Hardcore. Even though Mr. Moody has taken shots at me for whatever reason in his columns, i am going to give an honest, and first ever movie review.

If you’re a fan of New Jack, or even if you’re not a fan of New Jack, this is a must see. I’ve known new Jack since i started in the business, and even though I didn’t particularly care for him at the beginning, I became a fan of his over the years, for no other reason that the guy was real, and he didn’t give a shit, and the fact that he was real and didn’t give a shit was very entertaining to me. New Jack cuts one of the best promos in the business. Bar none. As far as production quality of the video goes, there’s not much to it. It’s mainly New Jack sitting there telling fascinating stories, most of which I’d heard, and some I hadn’t. The video intersperses scenes of matches and locker room talk, with some great stuff from Chris Hamrick. The stories Jack tells about Missy Hyatt are disturbing, and the match with Gypsy Joe is one of the most unbelieveable things you’ll see. Thumbs up.

*I’m surprised so many people misunderstood my Dallas cowboys analogy last week. It was purely hypothetical and could have been about any team. The point that i was trying to make that was missed was that most people see what they see on t.v. and what they read on websites, and that is their only source of knowledge about the wrestling business that they form their opinions from. I, on the other hand, have been behind the scenes, behind closed doors, and have had access to some high level never before revealed information. When I try to explain one of the reasons something was done, don’t question it. Just sit back and say to yourself, “Oh, I never knew that.” That line right there should give the message boards some stuff to chew on.

*Speaking of the message boards, I love the posters that question things after one week. It’d be like giving a book review after the third chapter of a 40 chapter book. For instance, why are Robert Roode and James Storm being put together as a “meaningles” tag team? I guess some people thoguht the team was going to be meaningless since they were trying to bury the idea before they realized that they were given a name, Beer Money, which I think is pretty funny and marketable, for t-shirts especially, to the 18-34 year old male demographic. One poster with over 3300 posts had a couple of pointed questions and opinions that I will address, since it seems there are other misinformed people that share his opinions.

–A little side bar about people that post that much. 3300 posts is disturbingly excessive. I can’t really profile somebody like that since I’ve never met somebody like that. I think it would be hard to argue the possibility that someone with over 3300 posts has an obsessive compulsion to let everyone know how smart he thinks he is. If you do the math, that’s 2 posts a day, every day, for almost five years. But then i noticed this guy pumped out fifty in the past six days. I think it’s time to notify the Guiness Book Of Records to let them know that we may be witnessing history here.

Back to the questions. I was asked if Beer Money was put together for no other reason than..

A.) They need a new Tag Team, to look like a threat.

B.) To get T.N.A.’s Tag Team division from one b-show p.p.v. to the next.

Yes would not be an incorrect answer to either question since that’s the model you’re supposed to use when you introduce new characters, and not to mention you need to get every division from one b-show, in his opinion, to the next. Did anyone think of the possibility that the purpose of this is to get some heat on LAX? There is a Latino audience that exists, and characters like Storm and Roode whipping them with belts isn’t the worst way to get those fans behind the them.

This poster also made the statement “If the internet is over-stuffed with misinformation, then why is over half of whats reported typically true?” Well, let’s put it this way. If you were taking a class and the professor said, “Class, I’m going to teach you a bunch of stuff, but 40% of it is not going to be accurate.” Would you then take that information and preach it to the rest of the world as if it’s true? That was a rhetorical question.

Lastly, whether he was serious or not, he said this,”I think you’re a blind hopeful, sent by T.N.A. to try and discredit wrestling rumor sites, and its forum members, into thinking that what you read on the internet is more false than accurate. When the fact is, its likely very true, and wrestling companies have to constantly change their storylines repeatedly just to keep one step ahead of the vicious rumor sites that threaten and hurt the company.” You are absolutely correct! TNA’s master plan has finally been outed. Damn! I thought I was being subtle enough that nobody would ever find out. I hope now that my cover has been blown that I won’t lose my job at TNA. I just hope that Wrestlezone.com doesn’t fire me since everyone knows I’m an internet message board spy now.

BTW, for everyone that thinks I’m a member of creative, I’m not. So a lot of the things posters ask me about creative, I have no answer for.

*Dara Torres has inspired me to get in shape to make a run at the World Heavyweight Championship. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s a 41 year old olympic hopeful swimmer that keeps setting records at the trials. Fascinating story. She hasn’t competed since 2000 and had a couple of kids. Well,she gets back in the water after six years, I think, and she’s better than before. One of the theories is that the hormones released during pregnancy are performance enhancing, because alot of people are accusing her of doping, yet she’s passed every conceivable test. So I’ve been training like a maniac in the gym lately, and can honestly say that I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since 2002. I’ve started training at the shoot fighting dojos here in Atlanta, and am implementing a new submission style that, if all goes according to plan, will put me in line for a title shot at either Samoa Joe or Kurt Angle at next year’s Lockdown ppv. Will keep everyone posted on how my training is going.

*I guess Mark Madden hasn’t received his paycheck yet, because i haven’t gotten my commission from him for reccomending him for this site. When the site manager asked me if Wrestezone.com should use him, all I had to do was say no, and poor old M.M. would still be stuck writing for The Beaver County times while waiting for his next radio gig. He hasn’t even thanked me yet. What a jackass.

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