Wrestling Reality: Hugo Savinovich, Raw GM, Freddy Prinze Jr., More


Previously on Wrestling Reality, I underwent a gimmick change to help me fit in better with the rest of the exclusives writers…I am now WWE announcer, Hugo Savinovich. In turn, I thought it’d be good to learn a little bit about myself. For one, my named is spelled Savinovich, not Saminovich. Fair enough. Another interesting tidbit, I actually still work for the WWE. Now that PPVs are shared amongst the 3 brands, there simply isn’t room for my Spanish Announce Team table at ringside. Which is fine by me…it was demoralizing to know that my table was always the first to be broken. Also, I was once married to former WWE superstar, Wendi Richter! Who knew? Sounds like I’m leading an interesting life as Hugo.

In other news, RAW found their new GM this week. Others have already made some great points about this, but I definitely need to offer my two cents. Believe it or not, I can see where the powers that be are coming from…but that’s because I know the asinine depths of their thought process. They are incapable of coming up with new ideas, so they try to recycle…so Mike Adamle is Vicki Guerrero Version 2.0. So what are Vicki’s defining qualities? She’s a no talent, wrestling outsider with no charisma whatsoever filling a prominent on air role. And boy does Adamle ever fit that bill. So just like Vicki, they expect the fans to hate with with a passion, hence he’ll be great, right? Wrong. Vicki was complete and utter garbage before Edge has performed a miracle by carrying her into anything meaningful. What will the on air storyline explanation of this be? The only thing that even makes the slightest sense is that the McMahons state that due to the alleged chaos during the past month, that the wrestlers are being “punished” by the hiring of Adamle. Between his XFL stint and his multiple promotions in spite of his horrid work, one has to wonder…what does Mike have on Vince? Naked photos of him and Bea Arthur?

I have a suggestion for who the new GM SHOULD have been. I think a great choice would have been “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase. He’s extremely charismatic. He is funny and plays a great heel. He has a clearly defined character. The explanation would be simple. Everybody’s got a price, he shares a great business acumen with Vince, and he recognizes a good business opportunity when he sees one. Plus, he could help to elevate the tag team champions, who are amongst the freshest characters the WWE has had in ages. They already are major candidates for a huge breakout this year and this would only help to promote that agenda through nepotistic storylines. I think this would have had a lot of potential.

So Freddy Prinze Jr. is now part of the creative team. The same Freddy Prinze Jr. who has starred in his own TV show (“Freddy”) and a solid 10 films (including “Scooby Doo”). The same Freddy Prinze Jr. who is married to Sarah Michelle Gellar, who starred in her own TV show (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and easily another 15 films (including “The Grudge”). Was Joey Lawrence not available? Is Jason Biggs working for TNA? Is Julia Styles the newest WWE Diva? Is he appearing in a Gimmick Battle Royal with Shaggy Doo, the killer from “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” and Rachel Leigh Cook? Have the Prinze/Gellar family fallen on tough financial times? This poor guy (poor in eventual spirit, not in finances) has leveraged his mediocre career into his childhood dream job…problem is, the job stinks. He’ll never be respected. And imagine how awkward it’ll be when they “wish him well in his future endeavors” after he fails to secure a special guest appearance by Jennifer Love Hewitt. As JBL said to me when I started at WWE, “I’m not even going to bother learning your name because you’ll never last more than 3 months.” Freddy, your clock is ticking. And JBL, my name is Hugo – I’ve worked here for years.

Some miscellaneous thoughts…Ricky Ortiz blows – one of the very worst guys to step foot into the ring in years. Shouldn’t Michelle McCool be able to do a little better for herself than The Undertaker? Tony Atlas can’t pronounce Mark Henry, which makes him an interesting mouthpiece for said wrestler. Speaking of being tongue tied, the name R-Truth doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. I like Killings though, so here’s hoping they use him right. I never knew about his background prior to his new vignettes. The WWE sure has an odd habit of hiring ex-felons. I never actually played Dungeons & Dragons, but I’d be honored to be the president of a D&D club (shout out to Glenn). I know many of your are fight fans in general, so check out a new show debuting this week, The Contender: Asia. Not only has the Contender franchise always been extremely well done, but this season they will be following Muay Thai fighters. Am I the only one who thinks Taylor Wilde is pretty ugly? What has come of the X Division? I’d love to see a rededication to restoring it to what it once was. Did anyone know that SD Jones works at the NY Daily News? I find that funny. Other than The Beserker throwing opponents over the top rope to result in a countout, has there ever been another finishing hold that was intended to result in something other than a pinfall or submission? Brock Lesnar is fighting again next Saturday and trust me when I tell you, he is going to be a successful MMA fighter. And no matter what he does, his MMA career has already gone substantially better than Sean O’Haire’s, Bam Bam Bigelow’s, and Giant Silva’s. It would be pretty outstanding if he were to F-5 Heath Herring.

Soy Hugo Savinovich y este ha sido su realidad de lucha libre.

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