Random Thoughts: Fredie Prinze, Fantasy Football, UFC


*First things first. I caught alot of slack for predicting Tom Brady as a bust this year. Instead, it confirmed my genius. Did anyone notice one of my sleepers, Eddie Royal, running all over the raiders the other nite like Jerry Rice in his prime? I may know more about fantasy football than wrestling, which might make me the world’s premiere fantasy football expert.

*What has Freddie Prinze been responsible for since he started in WWE? Wouldn’t it be great if he was the one writing the Jericho-Michaels feud? That has been great tv, but i think they took a misstep this past week by not having the new champ sell more of his beating from Shawn. I think it would’ve worked better if Y2J would’ve given his promo on Raw live via satellite from a hospital bed, selling a concussion, or something. Of course, the nurse would have to look like a porno chick.

*Jeff Hamlin should be fired from his job reviewing Impact! from wrestlingobserver.com. He thinks that the angle is already blown because the fans cheered Sting the first two weeks. Here’s a news flash, Mr. Hamlin. Maybe every single fan that watches wrestling doesn’t surf the insider news sites or subscribe to the dirt sheets. Maybe they don’t get the spoilers. Maybe the first time they know anything about what’s going to happen on Impact is when they turn the tv on at 9 pm thursday night. Maybe they don’t want Sting to turn heel. Maybe when he gave those promos they cheered because he’s been a baby face for so long that the fans still want him to be a good guy. Maybe if you wait to fully turn him it will mean more. Critics should never speak for the fans, because they’re not fans. They’re just people that think they’re smarter than the bookers.

*I saw on the site recently that the WWE allows closed fists now. That’s good for the refs, who always look like morons, because now they’re not even obligated to disqualify someone for doing something so blatantly illegal repeatedly right in front of their face, and they don’t have to ask for the fan’s assistance in helping them referee the match. “Did he use a closed fist? Huh?” I think I could produce a funny documentary covering a national convention of wrestling referees. Everybody would wear prescription glasses, guys would be playing the new wrestling referee video game, and alot of other endless comedic possibilities, written in “Best in Show” style. In reality, one of my biggest pet peeves is when referees are not well groomed and they wear earrings. It just looks unprofessional.

*I’m having writer’s block this week (you have no idea how long this thing is taking to write) and I think the reason is that it’s football season, and my brain usually blocks out any interest in things like wrestling, girls, and pretty much anything and everything besides the occasional soccer game saturday morning on fox soccer channel, and “24.” But since “24” doesn’t start till NOVEMBER 23, I’ll desperately try to think of wrestling related things to write about.

*I was very impressed with Evan Bourne the other night on Raw. Damn, he and Rey make a good team. Great moves, and alot of fire.

*I figured out a great angle for myself if I ever go to WWE. I would screw Santino Marella in the final week of the Honkameter. Then I’d become the champ and start the Discometer.

*Are there any babyfaces in politics? All the commercials are heel promos. I don’t vote, for the simple reason that since I’ve been in the business for so long, that I feel I’m getting worked by the candidates. I refuse to vote for someone that wins, and watch them screw the people down the line, and i have to sit there scratching my head thinking that I should have known the guy was full of shit in his promos.

*Wow! Almost forgot to talk about UFC! There’s really no analyzation to be made about Evans-Liddell. When two bare knuckle fighters stand up and throw, someone’s bound to get their head taken off. But how about Brock Lesnar getting ready to become the UFC’s biggest draw after he beats Couture? UFC really is nothing like wrestling. When two guys wrestle you cheer, and clap, and chant “This is Awesome!” and other things, but when two guys fight your heart races. As long as UFC hangs around, it’s going to be very difficult for fans to FEEL emotion for professional wrestlers like they FEEL for the guys in the octagon. It was truly sad watching Liddell get knocked out. The sports bar i was at just felt like the energy got sucked out of it. The closest thing I’ve ever seen to that reaction was when Booker T beat me for the TV title, and Disco fans across the globe hung their heads in shame.

*New fantasy prediction. Matt Cassel- 24 tds.

*Things written by me are usually true. Thank you very much for being such a beautiful audience. Thank you.

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