Random Thoughts: Promos, AJ, Doink


*The top of the TNA roster is pretty strong right now. Dare I say pretty compatible with the WWE’s top of the card? If you’re talking promos, no doubt. Sting, Cornette, Jeff, Mick, Christian, Angle, Booker, and AJ and Joe really stepped up to the plate. Here’s the thing with guys that are great talkers. When two guys start cutting promos on each other, the tone in their voice escalates on a weekly basis, which leads to a fight. When you raise your voice, the fans have to BELIEVE that you can back up what you’re saying. That’s why a talent needs to be able to deliver when given mic time. The ones that are successful deliver in a way that they BELIEVE what they’re saying, which causes the fans to suspend their disbelief and BELIEVE what they’re saying. It makes good tv. It’s one of those things that you either got it, or you don’t. If you don’t, you need to spend your own personal time trying to improve your talking. It’s why some actors are just better than others. They’ve either become successful because they had it, or they practiced long enough to become good at it. You can’t just rely on somebody to write some good stuff for you, especially if you can’t even deliver it.

*Mark Madden is continuing his campaign to draw me into a war of words, when I have repeatedly stated that I will not repeat myself. That was a funny line. Go archive the forums, my answers are there. Pretty funny from Madden if you think about it. Here’s a guy who lost his job in radio because a journalist wrote something in the paper to get him fired. And now he gets a job as a journalist, and is writing articles to get guys fired. It doesn’t take a genius i.q. to see the bitter irony in that scenario.

*AJ Styles showed up at the house show in Miami saturday night decked out in full UGA football regalia: hat, shirt, socks, shoes, watch, shoelaces, pennant. They had a tv at the arena and he was there to support his team. So he goes to the ring for his match, and during the match Bama takes a 21-0 lead. So afterwards he comes back to the locker room and the boys posted an “Enter at own risk, AJ” sign above the door. He sees the score and is like, “What the?? What happened??” 31-0 half time. Bama blowout. UGA pele kicked in the face. I guess he called his wife and told her he wasn’t supporting the team anymore, but she talked him out of it. The best part is Christian ribs him about South Florida all the time, because he lives in Tampa. Aj’s always telling him, “They’re just a high school team!” Well, The Phenomenal One really ate crow when the rankings came out monday and South Florida was ranked ahead of UGA. Poor AJ.

*Russo is leading the TNA fantasy football league, and hasn’t exactly been too humble about it.

*Kofi Kingston has great fire. Never really paid much attention to him, but damn I was impressed.

*I just checked out the link for he Ring of Honor wrestling school on their website. This was included in the link:

“Some of the things your training will cover include:

-Emphasis on the fundamentals


-Conditioning and weight training

-Ring psychology

-Development of timing and positioning

-Continuous evaluation

-Advice on character development

-Assistance with promos



Am I the only one that thinks that is hilarious?

*If you’re a wrestling fan, you would just love hanging out backstage. I know I do. Every week I get to hear some hysterical stories from guys like Cornette, Dutch, and now Mick. It really is humbling the amount of knowledge there is. I actually thought I knew alot about this business, but Jim Cornette is in an entirely different league. He has a legendry collection of wrestling memorabilia.

*Kudos to Bill Behrens for using the site to try to keep the NWA brand alive. I thought it had flatlined. Apparantely not.

*Does anyone know how to update the home page? I think it’s safe to say that the Jeff Hardy saga and Jake Roberts saga are old news. And couldn’t they put a picture of a hot chick in Madden’s spot? I don’t think he would object if his picture was replaced with Shelly Martinez. I miss the old audio debates when I used to blister Cash and Konnan and that Schulz guy.

*I’ve got a big match in Columbus, MS friday, Oct. 3, where I will try to continue my undefeated streak against Doink The Clown. He always seems to look different every time I see him wrestle. Wierd. One month he’s 240 lbs, the next month he’s about a buck 80. If I didn’t know any better, I’d bet there’s more than one Doink the Clown. I’m not stupid.

*Is anyone going to dress up as me for Halloween?

*I was shocked to see Lance Storm put over the TNA product for a change, especially since he supposedly swore off watching it as long as Russo was involved in the creative process awhile back. I heard that he still uses his,”If I could be serious for a minute” line at shows, a line Russo gave him. To this day, I still can’t believe how someone can be as hypocritical as he is.

Maybe I’m loyal to a fault, but I could never stab somebody in the back that had given me that much of a push during my career. The only push.

*Matt Morgan loves my idea for his alien character, and he’s come up with some fantastic concepts to market The Invisible Man.

Coming Soon: The Invisible Man

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