Random Thoughts: Mr. Anderson, Sarah Palin, Advertising


*I like Steve Anderson’s columns, but when you say something stupid, don’t think that I’m not going to point it out. Correct me if I’m wrong, but was Mr. Anderson (for some reason, whenever I write the name Mr. Anderson I get a visual picture of Hugo Weaving in The Matrix saying it) knocking Kevin Nash for having Scott Hall thrown out of the building? For one thing, when the Clowns came to the show they never made it known they had Hall with them. Two, the guy was inebriated, basiclly embarrasing himself, and three, he clearly distracted from the action in the ring. Would Mr. Anderson (Hugo Weaving voice) suggest that they had let him stay?

As for Nash creating the monster, it was Nash recently who held an intervention to get Scott Hall into rehab, and has gone to bat for the guy way more than he should have. They’re friends, and Hall hasn’t been living up to his end of it. To blame Nash for Hall being the way he is, would be like blaming Benoit and Guerrero for each other’s deaths. If you want to include other Hall cronies as being responsible, then throw Shawn Michaels and HHH onto that list. Hall’s problems go back a long, long, way.

Everyone in this business should be held responsible for themselves. Your friends can only do so much. How many interventions have you heard about in wrestling? The only ones I’ve heard of lately were done by Nash. How would you feel if you keep trying to help somebody get their live’s straight and then they show up in front of the world and make you look like an ass for being dumb enough to try?

If Mr. Anderson feels that they should have just let Scott Hall stay on camera for the entire show, and consequently further embarass himself and TNA, then I will have lost alot of respect for his intellectual capacity as a qualified journalist.

*Got a chance to check out CCW. Not exactly what I expected. For all the haters out there, it’s not supposd to be good. The wrestling’s so bad, which it should be, that the show has to be chopped up like a Jean-Claude Van Dam movie. The editing is annoying. It is what it is. It shouldn’t even be critically reviewed. That would be like thinking your going to go see Coldplay, and instead you’re getting the first week of American Idol castoffs. You just have to know what you’re getting into. For me, it’s becoming a guilty pleasure.

*I saw that TNA is donating 50,000 dollars to Sarah Palin so she can give it to a bunch of youth hockey players in Alaska. Well, now I can at least have a sound peace of mind knowing that the money they saved by releasing Pat Kenney and myself will be put to good use. Scott Gomez and Brandon Dubinsky are from Alaska and play for my favorite team, The NY Rangers. There’s actually six other NHL players from Alaska. Awesome.

I am still a bit confused with why Alaskan hockey youths need so much money? It’s not like they have to spend any money on ice. Maybe they’ll be open to the idea of myself and Pat Kenney dropping the puck on the opening night of the 5-6 yr. old league game between The Fairbanks Icebergs and The Juno Caribou.

*TNA has been basically doing the same rating for as long as I can remember, around a 1.0. Did it ever occur to anyone that the reason that the show hasn’t increased significantly isn’t because of the content? In layman’s terms, I’d like to explain a pretty simple concept of television viewing and how it pertains to ratings. The rating decreases when people that watch your show discontinue watching. The rating increases when you get people that aren’t watching your show tune in. If you don’t advertise your product to an outside audience, then how are they ever going to find out about your show? Is that a difficult concept? If it is, then you are stupid.

The self-realization that you’re stupid is never accepted. When i read online reviews by the wrestling websites by the pundits and in the forums, and they actually try to equate the creative input of the show to how it pertains to the ratings, I just have to shake my head at the stupidity. The SAME people watch the show each week, and the SAME people discuss it. They’re basically showing their reviews to each other, because outside of the commuinity that watches TNA, nobody knows what in the world they’re talking about.

TNA does not advertise their product to generate a larger audience. Period. They don’t spend the money. Does anyone ever see any commercials?

They rely on the local buildings to advertise their house shows for them. TNA’s only input into that process is putting the matches on the website and announcing them on the shows. That’s why a show in Bakersfield, California only draws 200 people.

To contrast that, how many Comcast cable customers, like myself, go to their mailboxes in March and get a nice little postcard from their cable providers. What does it say? Get Comcast Cable and order Wrestlemania, with a cool add with HHH, Taker, and Cena and others on it. THAT’S advertising. Letting people know your show exists.

TNA needs to start taking a more aggresive approach to promoting their product, or else this little internet community will be reviewing the show to each other till the day they die.

*Need everyone in The Disco Nation to pray for Reggie Bush to play this weekend against Kansas City for my fantasy football team. He’s still questionable. Feel free to ask your preachers and pastors on Sunday if they could lead a group prayer.


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