Wrestling Reality: Jeff Hardy, Brock Lesnar, Roster Cuts, and More


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Please let me know your thoughts. Has Hardy been on a year long quest to finally capture this belt in dramatic fashion or is this some cruel form of torture that is getting Triple H off?

– Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture is two days away. Wow. I could literally not be any more excited by this. These fighters could not be any more different and still fight in the same weight class…it’s unreal! Randy Couture is a many times champion in two different divisions, a UFC Hall of Famer, and holds wins over such studs as Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, and 265 pounder Tim Sylvia. Randy is a successful business man, owns his own line of gyms and one of the biggest MMA camps in the country, and even has tested his acting chops. Couture is also 45 years old and coming off well over a year layoff.

Now, we all know about Brock Lesnar. Former WWE champion, turned NFL tryout, turned MMA fighter. Brock is the substantially more impressive physical specimen…he’s fifteen years younger and holding a massive 40 pound weight advantage over Couture (and that’s just at the time of the weigh-ins, as Lesnar is the rare HW who cuts weight to make 265, hence he’ll likely be walking into the fight at closer to 280). However, the man has 3 career fights. He has not exhibited any form of submission game (neither offense, nor defense) and there are way more questions than there are answers. Brock’s lone impressive win is over Heath Herring, a very capable MMA fighter…even a good fighter…but a fighter who has 14 career losses. He has never been punched, so we don’t know if he can take damage. He has never gone 5 rounds in his career, whereas Couture has gone into the championship rounds on 4 separate occasions (winning 3 of them).

So what happens? Experience vs Inexperience? A very small HW vs a massive HW? Star veteran at the very tail end of his career vs an upstart on the rise? This is honestly the very rare fight that I can genuinely see going in either direction. And I don’t think anyone can know how these variables will play out until they step into the cage. Could I see Randy easily controlling Brock, frustrating him with his skill, controlling him on the ground, outstriking him like he did to Gabe Gonzaga, catching him in a submission…you sure bet I can! However, could I also see Brock bum rushing him, plowing him over, and ground and pounding him into retirement? You betcha. The UFC has been promoting this as the biggest fight in their history…I most certainly do not agree with that. However, there is immense intrigue and uncertainty regarding this fight and if pro wrestling fans come out in droves to support it, it may very well prove to be the biggest PPV draw in UFC history.

– Where the heck is Armando Estrada? I think he is one of the more entertaining guys on the ECW roster…enough of Matt Hardy and Mark Henry…sheesh! There’s more than 5 guys on the roster!

– Is MVP the only WWE wrestler who has a storyline contract? Cause his is the only one they ever speak of. Does Kozlov get a bonus for going undefeated for his entire tenure? When MVP first debuted the intentions were for him to be like Terrell Owens…he was going to answer his cell phone during interviews, sign autographs at ringside after he hit a big move, etc. That would have been awesome! Instead, they have taken all of the positive momentum he gained last year and buried this guy. Losing repeatedly to Kung Fu Naki? Sheesh. Here’s also a funny tidbit…Funaki is EXTREMELY respected backstage. They address him as if he’s royalty. They literally bow as a means of greeting him. And it looks like finally this company man is getting another push. I’m happy for him, but not at MVP’s expense. Also, and I mean this in the kindest of ways, but Funaki has been in the USA for 15 years, don’t you think it’s about time he learns English?

– Color me ridiculous, but does anyone else find Roxxi to be kinda hot? She’s really not half bad…just sayin’…

– The WWE has gone cut happy as of late. Palumbo, Burke, Lena Yada, Dykstra, and Paul London. Honestly, most of these cuts are pretty good ones. However, I maintain that it is creative’s decision (actually, we all know creative has no authority…so check that, the McMahon’s decision) as to whether or not to push someone and let them get over. Look how awful The Rock was when he debuted…did anyone ever think he’d become what he did? As for London, look no further than Kendrick. Palumbo was a dud though…I feel he lacks both the look and the charisma. But Elijah doesn’t. And Dykstra doesn’t. They both have a lot of potential if given a fair chance. In fact, I was Ken Doane’s (Dykstra’s) liason during my time on WWE creative…he’d call me up and pitch me his ideas for The Spirit Squad. He is still super young, has a major passion for the industry, and if he’s given a chance to show off what he’s capable of…he may surprise some people. With more cuts undoubtedly on the horizon, here’s who else do I expect to see axed: Deuce, Bob Holly, Paul Burchill, Scotty Goldman, Gavin Spears, and Ryan Braddock. So much for the new talent initiative.

– Remember when The Visionaries advanced their whole team at Survivor Series? The Model must be one heck of a captain!

– Have you ever given thought to what your wrestling theme song would be? I sure have. In consideration are: “High” by Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, “Sugerthug” by N.O.R.E., “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister, and of course, “Gettin’ Rowdy” by K Kwik and Road Dogg, and “Birdman” by Koko B. Ware. I spent a good portion of last night on youtube watching wrestling bloopers and listening to old theme songs…what a jolly good time it was. And speaking of Road Dogg, I watched his In Your House 2 match up with 1-2-3 Kid…you gotta go back and re-watch this one. Roadie ends the match with a second rope piledriver and looks like he outright cripples the Kid. It’s amazing.

– Finally, I will leave you with this…if the Jets lose to the Pats tonight, this may be the last you hear from me…GO J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS!

*EDIT* THE JETS WINS! THE JETS WIN! What a glorious day!

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