Snitsky, Lashley, That Pompous Jerk JBL, & More


– I may have been the only one, but I was genuinely disappointed to see Snitsky fired this week. And just like his catchphrase…THIS was NOT his fault. This was creative’s fault. I have a long-standing belief that every guy can be made into a valuable member of the roster. Some people argue that guys rise to the top and demand to be pushed (ie someone like The Rock). But there are many cases where that is simply not true, and a seemingly random or undeserving guy gets pushed – and it actually works! For example, Big Daddy V, Test, Brian Kendrick, and many others did absolutely nothing to deserve the pushes that they suddenly and randomly got late in their WWE careers. And by simply deciding one day, “you know what, let’s actually have them win and give them TV time,” their pushes were a success. Take Kozlov for example…no charisma, limited skill set…undefeated and in the title picture. You can choose to push literally anyone you want…you just have to try! Hell, Snitsky fits the bill here too…he was on Heat for a year then he was undefeated for almost an entire calendar year. I distinctly remember him taking HBK to the limit on RAW to end his winning streak. Then, just like that…nothing. But why wasn’t he pushed?

I worked with Snitsky during my time at WWE. He was a company man. He wasn’t just a big guy, he was an ENORMOUS guy. Outside of Khali and Kane, he was very likely the biggest guy on the roster…and Vince loooooves big guys. And he was a big guy who was happy to put other guys over. He had a great look and a unique one at that. Why not team him with Mike Knox for a monster, unbeatable heel tag team? Why not give him a comedy gimmick…when something goes wrong or a fight breaks out or something crazy happens, have Snitsky walk by, make a funny face, and say “THAT was NOT my fault.” Or, have me pitch that very idea at a creative meeting, shoot it down, then rip me off and do the exact same thing with Ron Simmons instead, only have him say “Damn.” Morons. Point being, they screwed the pooch on this one…Snitsky was yet another in a long line of talents that was grossly misused by my former co-workers.

– So who watched the footage of Bobby Lashley’s pro MMA debut? Awfully hard to take much of anything away from it. I’m really not sure that he possesses the natural athleticism or killer instinct that Brock Lesnar does, but I guess the jury is still out on both of them. Both Lesnar and Lashley have certainly fared better than past pro wrestlers who ventured into MMA…Sean O’Haire, Bam Bam, Giant Silva etc are all still trying to regain consciousness from some of their collective fights.

– Did Kizarny retire before every debuting? What is the deal with showing these packages for MONTHS before they actually debut? And maybe I’ve missed them, but they seem to have really slowed down the past few weeks. Perhaps he was having trouble learning his pig latin lines? The problem I see with this gimmick is that the vignettes are cool, but it won’t translate well into an in ring persona.

– I like title changes taking place at house shows. It’s exciting and makes house shows worth attending. We all know they took the titles off Punk & Kofi because they were refocusing Punk in the IC title picture…and because they were a pointless team, never fought, never defended it, and only won it so Dibiase could go film a movie in the first place. Miz & Morrison on the other hand are blossoming right before our very eyes. You can see their comfort level skyrocketing, much like The Rock’s did as he transitioned from a useful player into a superstar. Keep letting them win and going on rants like they did at The Slammys and they will be on to big things for years to come…they are elevating their game bigtime recently.

– Finally, let me be the 3rd straight exclusive’s columnist to laugh in the face of that arrogant prick JBL for getting his ass handed to him by Joey Styles. He is one of the biggest schmucks on the entire roster and he deserves every bad thing that happens to him. After 15 years of making other people miserable, if only for a few embarrassing seconds, he finally got his and he got it good…at the hands of a 40 something year old announcer! LOVE IT! This was the best thing I’ve heard in weeks. It’s like in the Wizard of Oz when the house fell on the the witch and Dorothy became revered…just slip on your ruby red slippers Mr. Styles, because you my friend are the new mayor of munchkin city! All hail Dorothy, errr…Joey.

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