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Nick Perkins

Nick Perkins predicts WrestleMania


Hiya wrestling fans! Welcome to the “WrestleMania” edition of “The Biz.” This is the first WrestleMania where I have any modicum of a “career” in the wrestling business, so it is truly the first step of a dream come true for me. I’ll be back later on in the week with my normal column, but for this one, I want to give you, dear reader, my WrestleMania predictions. Here goes!

Intercontinental Championship Match
JBL VS Rey Misterio
I’ve said before that I like JBL. I think he is a wonderful pick for the Intercontinental Championship. The rumors are running rampant that Bradshaw is going to retire after this match. I sincerely hope that’s not the case, but if it is, it’s a much better way to go out than his previous “retirement.” Retirement or no retirement, JBL is going to win this match. If he does retire after, expect another tournament to crown a new Intercontinental Champion, which Misterio could very well win.
Money In The Bank Match
CM Punk VS Kane VS Mark Henry VS Shelton Benjamin VS MVP VS Kofi Kingston VS Finlay VS Christian
The Money In The Bank match has become of staple WrestleMania, and that’s a good thing. I used to view it as nothing more than a way to get the guys who didn’t have any other story going into ‘Mania some airtime. But now I view it as a shining light that serves as a stepping-stone. Edge and CM Punk are clearly the ones that have benefitted the most from this match. The Intercontinental Championship used to be the bridge between the gap of mid-card and main-eventer. The Money In The Bank briefcase has now become that bridge. Kane is not going to win. Mark Henry is not going to win. Finlay is not going to win. Kofi Kingston is not going to win. Save those four, this match is anybody’s game. And by anybody I mean the other four guys in the match. MVP has been riding a wave of momentum, to steal a quote from somebody who probably said it at one point. Shelton Benjamin always seems to blow away the audience when he’s in this match and this time will be no different. He’s the surprise underdog that could win. CM Punk is the previous winner that cashed it in for a World Heavyweight Championship- there’s no doubt he’ll want to repeat that this year. And Christian is the guy that most fans are clamoring for to win it. I predict it will come down to CM Punk and Christian on top of the ladder, with Christian coming out on top.
Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal
Waaaay too many chicks to name, and maybe Santino
I’ll get some slack from this from whatever feminist readers visit, but I do not care one bit about the woman division in WWE. I just don’t. When the ladies are on, I’m going to the bathroom or getting a Pepsi. Sure they’re pretty, but so is my girlfriend, and I actually get to touch her. That said, I’m looking forward to this match simply because of the nostalgia factor of seeing some Divas of the past. I’m still not sure if Trish is going to be in this match, but if she is, she’s going to win. If not, expect it to come down to a heel chick and Gail Kim, with the heel coming out on top to start a program with Kim.
Legends Grudge Match
Chris Jericho VS Ricky Steamboat, Roddy Piper, and Jimmy Snuka w/ Ric Flair and maybe Mickey Rourke
I’m one of the few that doesn’t completely hate the notion of the match. No, it won’t be a technical masterpiece, but it will be exciting for me to see Jimmy Snuka and Ricky Steamboat in the ring again. I wasn’t even around during their hayday and I’m excited, so I can only imagine how excited some of the older fans are. I’ll make the same prediction as everyone else. Legends win, Flair puts Jericho in the Figure Four at one point, Mickey Rourke gets physically involved, blah blah blah. This won’t be a mere throwaway match though, and yes, I am looking forward to it.
WWE and World Tag Team Championship Unification Match
John Morrison and The Miz VS The Colon Brothers
I’ve got to be honest again, I haven’t paid much attention to this feud. I think both teams are talented, but neither of them really grabs me. Maybe it’s because I haven’t really watched what has transpired between the two teams. Regardless, this will be a good match with a great reward, and I see Morrison and Miz winning all the gold. Hopefully this will lead to just one tag team championship, complete with a new belt design.
Extreme Rules Grudge Match
Matt Hardy VS Jeff Hardy
This is my second most-anticipated match. These two have exchanged in a feud that could very easily be the feud of the year. This will be a great match, with nice high spots and tons of emotion. Personally for the brothers, I’d imagine it’s a dream come true for the two to be able to face each other on the Grandest Stage Of Them All. Because of this, this will probably be the match of the night, and I predict either Matt winning, or a non-ending. If Jeff were to win, it would kill anything Matt had created these past months. If Matt wins, it can perhaps finally escalate him to Jeff’s level and the feud will be able to continue, which I sincerely hope happens. Likewise, if there’s a non-ending, probably taking place after the highest of high spots, the feud can also continue. Regardless of the finish, this will be one of two matches that people will be talking about after the show.
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge VS Big Show VS John Cena
I started out supporting this angle, then it kinda died for me for a few weeks, then Cena came on Smackdown last week saying that he is in this match for the Championship and that’s all. That promo had a lot of passion and almost made me forget that the men involved, except maybe Cena (I still don’t know, if Cena wins does he “get” Vickie?) were vying for the attention of notthemost attractive lady in wrestling, instead of the World Heavyweight Championship. Big Show picking up some wins excites me, because it erased the thoughts in my mind that he had no chance of winning. This is truly anybody’s ballgame, but if I had to pick, I’d hesitantly pick Cena. I say hesitantly because, just like the Money in the Bank match, I truly don’t know who could win this. That means WWE did their job in promoting it.
12 Years in the Making Grudge Match
Shawn Michaels VS The Undertaker
Undertaker will win. That’s not really a question. But I believe this match will make me forget that I know he’ll win. By that I mean that in the last few moments of the match, HBK and ‘Taker will be going all out. There will be a moment that will make us think HBK could win. And then The Undertaker will beat him with the Tombstone. The two will exchange handshakes and Undertaker will reign supreme. Though I don’t think this will happen, I would love for HBK, right after shaking Taker’s hand, to hit him with some Sweet Chin Music. HBK could then be a real heel for the first time in 12 years, and the program could continue for a while longer. The bittersweet fact about this match is that though it will be an excellent match, my other pick for show-stealer, it will end the angle between the two that has been magnificent. I’m sad to see that end, but excited to see the match. Regardless of what happens after the match, Undertaker is going to win.
WWE Championship Match
HHH VS Randy Orton 
I was on the edge of my seat last Monday night. I don’t even know why. I’m not a huge McMahon fan, but I was still very excited by the end of the broadcast. I literally got chills when I saw HHH standing side by side with Shane and Vince. It was weird/cool. Obviously the McMahons and Legacy are going to get involved, probably setting up a match at Backlash between the 6. But I do believe HHH will win the match. I’m not 100 percent certain though. I don’t think WWE would have two babyface champions, but they may. I won’t be disappointed by either outcome. If HHH wins, great. If Orton wins, great. I like them both. I’ve just got a feeling that HHH and the McMahons will want to close out WrestleMania 25 standing tall and standing proud in the center of the ring. And no, Stephanie is not going to “turn heel.”
So those are my predictions. Most of them probably won’t be right, but like I said, that means WWE did their job in promoting the card. I’ve said previously that this is the first ‘Mania in a long time that I’ve actually really looked forward to. I watched WrestleMania 22 in the days leading up to Sunday, and man, it was not exciting. That was easily the worst ‘Mania since WrestleMania 13. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am looking forward to most of the matches. I am looking forward to witnessing ‘Mania moments. I hope you are too. Send in your thoughts on the show to and maybe I’ll post them here sometime in the near future. See ya at WrestleMania 25!


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