WWE Draft Predictions for Tonight

Eric Stein

Why should you believe my selections? Because I’m always right.

 With the big show a mere few hours away, I feel compelled to throw out some predictions regarding tonight’s WWE Draft.  Sure, that means this article will only be timely for the next 2 hours, but so be it!  I’m not in it for the hits…I’m in it for the glory of being correct.  And speaking of being correct, last year I was a whopping 80% in my predictions…AND I made those predictions a few months ahead of time.  I correctly pegged Punk to RAW, FInlay to ECW, Umaga to SD, and Hardy to SD.  Having worked on WWE creative, it’s really easy to peg their exact thought process on these picks and I virtually guarantee that I am right more often than not again.  Much like last year, first I’d like to first reiterate a few ideas that would make this whole process much better:

* Don’t pretend it’s random.  Last year, only upper mid-carders to superstars were drafted.  Just have the GM’s come out and make picks.  Much like a Major League Baseball 40 man roster, each GM should be able to protect and handful of guys, and that’s that.     
* Wouldn’t it have been cool if they ran the whole thing like the upcoming NFL Draft?  Have a lottery.  Have Vince come out to the podium and read the selections.  Conduct interviews.  Have the announcers provide analysis and stats.  Make draft day trades…and in those trades, sometimes include young prospects for veterans.  I, for one, would make the next several weeks of storylines about the aftermath of the draft…make it a true shakeup. 
* I have an idea  that is way better than the supplemental draft.  How about a rookie draft?  Much like they touted MVP as a bigtime free agent when he debuted, why don’t they highlight the top 10 rookies that are coming up?  That’d be an awesome way to debut several new guys at once without having to force it.  They could be considered valuable players immediately.
Now for the picks….
* Time to find a new travel partner, because you are sure to move!

Vladmir Kozlov – The big man has expired all there is to do on Smackdown.  He killed the scrubs.  He’s lost to HHH and Undertaker.  He has no clear cut feud or storyline.  And best of all, they can still make it out like he’s a big superstar to move.  He’s 100% gone.  The question is…will they promote him to RAW for that Cena program that nobody has ever wanted or will they bury him on ECW?
MVP – This was the one that I got wrong last year and I won’t be wrong again.  MVP is going to RAW for a huge push.
Ezekiel – They’ve done a flat out horrible job of building up the modern day HBK/Diesel pairing of Kendrick and Ezekiel.  This is a clear cut chance to save at least one of them.  They have very little invested in Ezekiel, so he’s not going anywhere good (ie RAW), but welcome to the next guy to win 6 consecutive squash matches over DJ Gabriel on ECW.  This will be part of the supplemental draft though, not one of the main selections.  
(editorial note: I just took a call for 45 minutes, so now I have even less time before the show starts!  Time to go into speed mode)
Umaga to ECW – Umaga will be on the move for the second year in a row.  He has barely appeared on SD in the weeks since returning, but on ECW he would be a main eventer (see Henry, Mark).
Mr. Kennedy – This one of purely injury status pending.  Each of the past few years they’ve moved a guy who was right on the verge of returning from injury (see Mysterio, Rey).  Now if recent reports of setbacks are true, than this one is off the board…if he’s ready to return anytime in the next month, he’ll be drafted for certain.
The Miz/Morrison – Either or both of them will be leaving ECW (not like they haven’t been fighting on RAW/SD for the past year anyway).  Personally, I don’t think they should split them up.  Even if they pursue singles careers, they are better off as a unit at this stage.  If not, Miz will be jobbing by the end of the summer.
Christian to whatever show Edge is on – It was a temporary stay on ECW.  
Jericho to SD – He’s done the Cena feud.  He’s done the HBK feud.  He does not match up well with Batista.  A face turn seems like a poor idea right now (otherwise a feud with Orton would be great).  So what else is there for him on RAW?  This isn’t necessarily that they want him on SD, but moreso that he’s lost on RAW (hell, the man feuded with 60 year olds for the past 3 months).
Evan Bourne – Evan will indeed be air born tonight.  He’s too good to leave on ECW.  Last year ECW was absolutely raped and pillaged in the draft, losing Kane/Punk/etc and only gaining Matt Hardy.  On that same note, I would not be even remotely surprised for Jack Swagger to get drafted to RAW.  It is rather clear that they don’t value that championship anyway.  

Knox to SD.  
Big Show to RAW.  
The Colons to RAW.  
Festus to ECW.  
Matt Hardy to RAW.  
R Truth to ECW.  
HBK to SD.  
Ricky Ortiz to SD.

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