The 6/7 Edition of “The WZ Inbox:” An ECW Original Emails Us!

Nick Paglino

The following is from AvFavel

I’ve been watching the WWE shows as of late, and I’ve been noticing that while the programs have been ranging from bad to excellent (Raw = bad, Smackdown = excellent), both shows have something in common. Both shows lack creativity, and are just recycling of ideas from the past, ones that have worked, and some that have not. What they need to be doing is be more progressive in the progaming, more modern and more aware of the world around them. Well, I’ve compiled a few ideas that I think might help make this happen , and might be something Vince would go for as well. Alright, let’s rock.
Unify the Rosters
Having three rosters is stupid, and Vince knows it. After you unify the rosters, move the superstars Vince isn’t high on to FCW, leaving only the guys Vince is willing push. At the same time, use the ECW broadcast in the same way as Heat and Velocity were used, being the show that allowed the lesser stars a chance to shine (in this case the stars of FCW) , and Superstars can go on being what it is now, a pure wrestling show.
Less Titles
 My second idea is to eliminate all other titles but one, the WWE Championship. Why no Intercontinental Title or Unified Tag Titles? Because Vince doesn’t give a crap about those titles anyway, so winning them doesn’t really matter. And the other two World titles just aren’t needed. How many Stanley Cups are there? One. If there were three of Stanley Cups, no one would give a crap about them.  To put it in mathematical terms. Less Titles = Happy Vince. Why is that, because with less titles, Vince has to do less work to put those titles over, and when he doesn’t have to work, he’s happy. So as you can see, the theory is sound.  
End the Women’s Division
Vince isn’t really into this part of the WWE anymore, and why should he be? Most of the female wrestlers on his roster suck, so get rid of it. However, I say take the ladies who can wrestle (Mickie James, Gail Kim, Katie Lea, Natalya, Beth Phoenix) and put them in with the guys. This helps make the singles divison larger without having to bring up anyone new. And we all know the WWE Creative team hates doing work, so this would be a big plus for them.
Fewer PPV’s
Fourteen. That’s how many PPV’s there are in the WWE at this time. Who actually buys everyone of those? Especially when some of these are as lackluster as a PPV can get, why should we invest our money into them? So here’s my answer to the PPV problem: cut them back to the bare essentials in terms of what Vince thinks are important PPV’s, and what PPV’s work best for the company.
Royal Rumble
King of the Ring
Cyber Sunday
Survivor Series
Extreme Rules
Those are, in order, the PPV’s that best serve the companies interests. The Royal Rumble (with the Royal Rumble Match main eventing) sets the tone for the year, Wrestlemania is the big one, Backlash is the backlash to everything that happened at Wrestlemania, King of the Ring is the tournament that creates the next logical title contender for the World Championship at Summerslam: Second Biggest PPV of the Year followed by Cyber Sunday: the most interactive PPV of the year, Survivor Series: Home of the Survivor Series Match  and Extreme Rules: Home of the Extreme Rules Match. Each PPV has a function and has a certain novelty to it that makes it fun to watch all by itself, so part of the work is done for them, and we all know the Vince and Co. hate work, so that’s a good news in their eyes. 
So, there you go. Some basic ideas that WWE could use to create new interest in the promotion without having to do anything really strenuous, which Vince has proven to us time after time he hates doing work, especially for our benefit. So, until Spiderman quits the superhero lifestyle to be a Chippendales dancer, Make Mine Marvel. Wait, that’s got nothing to do with wrestling, does it? Heck, neither does Santino Marella, yet I see him on Raw every week. Go figure.
That last line about Santino made me laugh out loud. Yes, I did an actual, audible LOL. Thanks for the email, you make some great points.
The following is from Kevin
Number one I am ChrisCashTalksTOOMUCH from the VOW Chat. My question is Why Does he Talk to much. I might have to diagnose him with OCD.. LOL JK You guys are doing a great Job with VOW. I also Participate as Kjc8404. anyways My question is… I know this question has been asked alot but with the WCW dvd comming out. Do you blame NWO and bischoff for the downfall. OR do you blame the aol time warner deal. Another question is Like they brought back ECW do you think they will bring back WCW as a 4th brand maybe subsitute superstars. I mean it makes sense money wise. and half of the old WCW guys are still on the WWE roster. Lastly. This has to do with VOW, What happend to the FM radio deal, and I do think you guys should go back to two hours since nick doesnt do play by play anymore Because i read boones name on it and the majority of the 23 people in the chat wants it to 3 hours. And Finally Will we ever get bret hart ON VOW?
For the record I will post anything that makes fun of Cash, it’s one of my greatest joys in life. As I’ve said in the past, I don’t think the downfall of WCW was the fault of The NWO directly, but more so the poor booking of new talent on the show that never had an opportunity to evolve the company. WCW’s biggest mistake was to allow the established names to have creative control clauses in their contracts. Too many chiefs and not enough indians is never a way to run any kind of company, and guys like Hogan and Nash put too much stock into themselves as opposed to the good of the company. TNA obviously does not suffer from this particular problem, but as I said before they are heading down a dangerous path by not booking their young talent properly. At some point they have to let the future of the company become the present, and I hope it’s sooner rather than later.
The following is from Matt
Hey wrestlezone just wanted to chime in with my thoughts on Tommy Dreamer’s match at Extreme Rules and how I think it should be done. I highly doubt he’s going to win it but I think the good thing for them to do here is not job one of their longest tenured employees in his final match. I’d have Christian hit the Killswitch on Swagger and then instruct Dreamer to pin him, in effect trying to hand him the title and continue his career but Tommy refuses and the two face off with Christian going over. Tommy keeps his dignity in that he didn’t want anyone’s charity and we get a touching moment as Christian hands him the belt (only as a gesture) and leaves the ring to let the fans chant Tommy’s name. They could even have Swagger trying to interupt the moment only to get DDT’d one last time by the Innovator of Violence.
That’s a great idea and I’d definitely watch if it played out like that. It works well given each of the three wrestler’s characteristics.
The following is from Nic
I recently posted on my blog some of my opinions on Cena turning heel, and how it would benefit the WWE more than hurt them. For those who want to read my thoughts, here’s the link: I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Cena turning heel.
I’ve been in favor of a John Cena heel turn for a long time now, and personally think it would be a smart move for WWE creatively. However, the issue is that it might not be the best business decision. Cena is WWE’s cash cow, one of the company’s biggest merchandise sellers, and as a heel they would most likely end up losing revenue as children tend to buy face merchandise only. How many Big Show T-Shirts do you see out there?
That being said, however, I don’t think WWE will lose so much money that they’d be financially hurt in anyway, so I suggest trying it and seeing what might happen. Cena feuding with a face as a heel might then push the merchandise sales of that face so WWE ends up making the money back in the long run. Bottom line is that a heel turn would be the most refreshing thing for Cena right now.
The following is from LARevolucion
Now that California upheld its ban on gay marraige, what states can Rhodes and DiBiase move to in order to get married?
ZING! Nicely done my man.
That’s gonna do it for this week’s edition of The WZ Inbox, if you would like your questions answered or your comments responded to, please feel free to email us at and we will post them up in our next edition!

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