So You Want To Work In Wrestling? No, You Don’t!

Mark Madden

No, you don’t.
Ask Vickie Guerrero.
Vickie Guerrero’s husband gave her life for the business. For WWE.
When Eddy died, Vickie soldiered on for her family’s sake, playing a role that was less than dignified, one that besmirched her husband’s memory and legacy.
Recently, Vickie decided to quit. She wants to devote more time to her family.
How did Vince McMahon thank Vickie for her service? For her husband’s service?
By humiliating her as much as possible on her way out. By having her roll around in slop. By having her verbally denigrated ad nauseum.
What’s the rationale? Vickie isn’t going to TNA. There’s no need to bury her character.
This was mean-spirited. This was evil. This was an old, musclebound nutbar getting a laugh at the expense of a woman who had given her all – and then some – for his company.
What was McMahon getting "revenge" for? Because he had made Vickie a "star," and now she was walking out? Please. Vickie was entertaining when she went into her grade-school teacher "excuse me" rant, but she never drew a dime or a tenth of a ratings point.
Does McMahon feel Vickie owes him something? I’d love to know what. By my count, Vince owes Vickie a husband. Eddy certainly made his own choices, but McMahon has turned wrestling into a situation where options aren’t all that optional.
No, this was just Vince McMahon being a manipulative jerk. Period.
When you leave WWE after meritorious service, you don’t get a gold watch. You get to wallow in feces.
Consider how McMahon treats Jim Ross. There’s never been a better announcer or more dedicated employee, but McMahon delights in making JR jump through hoops.
So you want to work in wrestling? Don’t. Ultimately, it’s just not worth it.
McMahon should pay more attention to his booking. It’s totally bereft of logic.
Consider Legacy’s beatdown of Batista on RAW. Legacy are heels, Batista a babyface.
Why didn’t anyone save Batista? All those babyfaces were backstage. Why did they let Legacy savage Batista for such an extended length of time? They weren’t inside a cage. Nothing was preventing anyone from helping Batista. Why didn’t they? Did they feel it was none of their business? I thought babyfaces were supposed to be selfless and heroic.
You want loyalty? Look at Legacy. Those guys stick together. Like babyfaces are supposed to. Orton, DiBiase and Rhodes are out there helping each other. The babyfaces are in the back playing pinochle while their friend gets his arm broken.
I used to criticize Dusty Rhodes’ booking back in my salad days of covering wrestling. But I’ll say this for Dusty: When it was time for the heels to beat down a babyface – i.e., for the Four Horsemen to beat down Dusty – it usually happened someplace like a parking lot or inside a cage, someplace where the babyface was totally and logically isolated.
When a babyface is in a vulnerable position, gets pulverized and receives no help, he only looks like a martyr for a while. Then he starts to look stupid.
Perhaps WWE production meetings should spend less time on formulating way to humiliate departing employees and more time on booking a product that makes sense.

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