Top 5 Wrestling Moments In the Month Of July

Justin LaBar

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It was a fun topic where he did a Jeff Foxworthy kind of theme with signs that you know you are a wrestling fan, rather than redneck, although sometimes they are both one and the same. If you don’t mind Nick, I’d like to add to the list by saying, you might be a wrestling fan….if you listen to certain wrestling entrance music tracks on an Ipod and pretend to be walking to the ring, when really you’re walking down the street.

Now enough Billy and Chuck stuff, lets get down to the meat of the article.

To wrap up the month before I head out for vacation, I’m going to rank in my opinion, the most significant moments in professional wrestling that have happen in the month of July.


July 12, 1998- This was the date that we saw the main event at a WCW PPV include two legends of the NBA. Dennis Rodman, who wrestled the summer before as part of the New World Order, came back for some more off-season fun, except this time had a feud with Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz. When I say this is significant, I don’t mean that it was a scientific match and that Lou Thez would have wanted to be sitting ringside, but it was historic, different, and apparently has stayed in my mind over the last decade.


July 7, 1990- It was on this date that Sting beat Ric Flair for the NWA belt in Baltimore. I grew up in Maryland, and while I was young, I do remember this. I put it at number four because of the memorable matches and feuds they would go on to have for the next decade. It was the first victory for Sting, and I believe his first heavyweight title win.


July of 2001- This is when we witnessed what Vince McMahon seemingly loves to do, which is make history. I’m not saying the story was thoroughly entertaining or well played out, but nonetheless, we saw WCW and ECW invade the WWE. Now obviously, McMahon at this point owned all of these names, trademarks, likeness, etc, but for the fact we were seeing those letters, brands, and in some cases talent all on one program made it memorable. The interest of it may have been washed away over the years because we see something titled ECW every Tuesday, and so many DVD’s released talk about and show archived footage. However, at the time, it was big. Just think, earlier at the start of that calendar year we had both Nitro and Raw on the air.


July 8, 1996- On this night of Monday Nitro, we saw a little guy named Mysterio beat Dean Malenko for his first WCW Cruiserweight title win. He would win the this title 5 times in WCW, and 3 times in WWE. Beyond the title count, he was the leader in many respects of the high-flying international style that was brought in to contrast against the big boys who were playing in WCW at the time according to the slogan they used. It was successful as every week you could tune in on Nitro and be sure to see a good one or two Lucha Libre style matches. The only draw back to it all was that we had to hear Mike Tenay every week.


  July 7, 1996- If you have been a fan long enough, then when I say significant moments in the month of July, the number one ranking should have been easy. This faithful night provided the world with the leg drop heard around the world. In one of the biggest shock moments to fans, Hulk Hogan threw away his good guy colors and joined the invasion of Hall and Nash to form the New World Order. So much about it, in my opinion, was beautiful. The suspense was there, Hogan appears with the crowd going nuts, followed by Bobby Heenan on commentary going “Yeah, but who’s side is he on?” Tony and Dusty responding with shock that Brain could have even asked that question because, of course, the ultimate good guy was coming to the rescue. The fact Heenan in his comedic and heel like fashion asked that question, it eliminated that one percent in your head that he could have been the third member as your red and yellow adrenaline was pumping to see what happens next. That night forever changed the business, hence making it the number one most significant moment in wrestling history to happen in the month of July.

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