Randy Orton: “Well F**K You, I Gotta Get Up At Five!”

Justin LaBar

In a my recent column regarding Ken Kennedy Anderson, I made mention to how I didn’t know him so
I was not pretending to have an inside scoop on what his next career move will be. I went on to say that
I had only ever been around him once. The details regarding that night and experience have often been a
popular question and topic amongst those close to me and has become popular to many of you loyal readers
who have shown me great support so far. Well boys and girls, being the two year anniversary of that memorable
night is coming up in about two weeks, I guess its story time.

I was in Buffalo for a live episode of RAW in early August of 2007. Joining me in Buffalo was my buddy
Josh Isenberg who co-hosts "The Chair Shot Reality" video series here on WZ. Josh and I had driven from
Pittsburgh to Buffalo and figured that instead of doing the whole drive back after RAW, that we would grab
a hotel room and crash in Buffalo.

It was an okay episode of RAW. I believe it was the first night that we learned of Mr. McMahon having
an illegitimate child who was on the WWE roster. Both Josh and I were big fans of Mr. Kennedy,
and were disappointed the only appearance he made was a quick in-ring promo. He ended the promo by
screaming "Kennedy" over and over. He was repeating it so many times that they cut to commercial while
he continued to scream it at least a dozen times.

So at the end of the night, we headed back to our hotel, it was one of the popular chain of hotels you find in a big
city. Its after midnight at this point and we are just beginning to settle down as we had to get up
early and hit the road. Well, remember how the Kennedy promo kept going and going? As if it needs any encouragement,
the rest of the night the crowd of people from the arena to the parking lots were doing the typical Kennedy chants mixed
in with the occasional Ric Flair "WOOOOO." It was at this time after midnight, I hear this loud bass filled voice scream
"KENNNNNEDYY." Then in a few seconds, I hear it again. Up until this point, Josh and I hadn’t seen anyone on this floor
of the hotel, and especially not heard anyone. We hear it a few more times. It gets closer and closer as if its right outside of our
door. I go to look through the peep hole of our door to see the backs of two tall individuals that look pretty damn familiar.

I see both Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton huddled around the door across the hall from me attempting to get in. It seemed both
of them were screaming in some sort of a competition of who could do it better. It was at this point I notified Josh of
what I was seeing and we transformed into two school girls spying on the star football player. We must have spent the next 30 seconds going back and forth in confusion and ramble that probably made no sense.

All of the sudden, a knock at the door silenced our school girl shock. Ken had knocked on our door and I opened
it to see him standing there and to his left, Randy rocking back and forth. Apparently their swipe key wasn’t working
and Ken asked if he could use our phone to call down to the desk. Many of the fans followed the superstars from the HSBC arena,
back to this hotel and would wait around to swarm for pictures and autograph. You had to have a room key to insert in
to the elevator for it to let you on to our specific floor. For this reason, Ken and Randy both wanted to not have to go
back down to the lobby.

Ken went to the phone and I remember hearing him tell them his name was Ken Anderson and that he was locked out. After that
I don’t recall Ken’s phone conversation because Randy drew my attention as he was pacing around the doorway of our room
guarding their luggage that was sitting in the hall. I began casual conversation with him and he was very cool in just talking
his low key relaxed voice.

Once Ken hung up, they used our room to stand around in and wait for the hotel staff to let them in to their room across the hall.
Josh and I kept conversation with them going. We asked both of them if we could get pictures and they were totally cool with it.
Of course my dumb ass had just got a new phone and didn’t know how to take a decent picture with it.  The photo turned out dark, but I know what it is, and the memory has never left. But the experience was not over.


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