This is supposed to be the second biggest ppv of the year, so why does it feel so underwhelming? It seems as though the WWE has no idea what they’re doing and haven’t yet realized that this is hardly “big four” worthy. Still, you can usually bet on something important happening at SummerSlam, so its always worth a little excitement, and we do have a few matches here that can deliver. Let’s take a deeper look.

WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

–This match is sort of judged by proximity. If you compare it to the potential that they could have given us something different for once, then I’m disappointed and I couldn’t care less. If you compare it to how it’s at least not Orton/HHH, then I’m ecstatic and I can’t wait for it. Cena and Orton work well together and they seem to have a lot of fun feuding, so they shouldn’t end up giving us a crapfest, but I’m just not excited, as I’ve seen these two do the same thing week by week. Sure, it wasn’t against each other, but they never really change their act. Orton does the same with all of his opponents and Cena does the same thing to all of his. “But Tony, that’s their character! They wouldn’t be acting different!” I agree, but you shouldn’t be BORED with it. The last thing I want to see when I turn on Raw is another Legacy beat down followed by Cena “suddenly powering out” and standing tall. I’m tired of it. Hopefully, if this feud continues, they give us something different. As far as this match goes, it’ll do its job, but it won’t be anything to talk about. It will simply be “a match between two of the biggest stars” and completely indistinguishable from anything else. Good, but not great…bad, but not horrible…essentially just mediocre in the long run. I’m expecting Orton to retain here as our next ppv is Breaking Point and if it’s true that the championships will be defended in submission matches, then Cena will win the title by making Orton tap out. I hope if that’s the plan, that they don’t give Cena the title here, as it does no harm for Orton to retain here and lose next month, but if he loses both in a row, it’ll be unnecessary.

PREDICTION: Randy Orton retains through DQ or a quick RKO.