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Chris Fitzpatrick

WrestleZone Forums Asks – How Will YOU Spend Your Monday Night?

Ok, so according to Ray Liotta in Goodfellas, "Saturday Night was for wives, but Friday Night at the Copa was always for the girlfriends."  Well, that takes care of Friday and Saturday.  Monday night, on the other hand, is for professional wrestling.  For some of us, it always has been.  Take whatever Tuesday – Sunday, but Monday Night Wrestling has been an institution for some fans for nearly 20 years, and tonight is no different.

Actually, tonight is a little different.

After a bit of an early-2010 "bench test," featuring the debut of Hollywood Hulk Hogan in TNA, the #2 mainstream promotion now seeks to take additional bites out of WWE by making the permanent move to Monday Nights.  Welcome to the party.

The forums here at Wrestlezone have been buzzing for months about the supposed "return of the Monday Night Wars," though that’s a bit overboard thus far, right?  I mean, tonight is only the second time the two promotions have gone head to head in the same way a Mom & Pop clothing boutique might take on the local Wal-Mart.  I supposed wrestling fans have just been so starved for the lightning fast action of the late 90’s that now, any harbinger of a potential return to the competitive heights fans enjoyed hardly a decade ago is viewed upon as noteworthy.

So this begs the question – how will YOU be spending your Monday Night?

Well, the Wrestlezone Forums would like to help you, and two of the moderators of our WWE and TNA forums have each made their pitch.  In short, the forums want wrestling fans to join us tonight by watching the show of their choice and also visiting us in either of our "Live Discussions," where we discuss and debate the action as it’s occuring.  Think of it as a party with hundreds of other wrestling fans who somehow can’t see what you do to yourself when Kely Kelly or Velvet Sky climbs through the ropes…

TNA Moderator "Lord Sidious" on why you should watch TNA Impact:

Tonight is the dawn of a New Era in professional wrestling.

The Monday Night Wars have officially returned, and there is a new kid on the block. And the reason this is a big deal is because this time, the roles are reversed. What made the WWF successful last time (in the long run) against WCW Monday Nitro was that the product catered to the interests of all of you. It catered to the interests of ADULTS.

The shoe is on the other foot this time, and this time TNA is the one that catering to ADULTS while WWE caters to small children. What this means is that in TNA, you are bound to see-

  • Guys that aren’t afraid to use some language in their promos
  • Violence
  • A company that isn’t afraid to let their talent bleed during their matches
  • Angles that push the envelope in terms of what is and what is not appropriate for television
  • Scantily clad women that exhibit sexuality

The difference between WWE and TNA is that with WWE, you are essentially given a product, that has been the same show every single week for at least 4 years, in which ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS. You get teased that something was going to happen on Bret Hart’s return. Ratings were higher for that show. What was the result? McMahon made you watch his entire show only to have a simple “kick to the gut”.

Vince McMahon constantly teases his audience, and he constantly lets them down EVERY SINGLE TIME. Yet people keep going back to him out of sheer loyalty. That makes absolutely no sense and needs to come to an end TONIGHT. It’s time that YOU Adult Fans that are absolutely sick and tired of a stale and boring product put your feet down and say “I am NOT taking this crap, anymore.”

What you will NOT see on impact tonight is:

  •  “Raw is Reruns” – a show that is essentially “same shit, different week” that features reruns from the past several months
  • A show that features Main Event performers wrestling each other in the same matches that you have seen for the past 5 years
  • Little midgets running around the ringside area and shoved down your throat and pushing merchandise for the benefit of toddlers
  • 40 + year old Degeneration X, who think they are 18, and actually think they ar funny, shoving merchandise down your throat, while laughing at themselves over their unfunny humor
  • Commentators who are ordered to say the same tired catch phrases several times a night, week after week, for the CEO’s amusement …. And nor will you hear commentators forced to make a put on laugh at the awful jokes they are ordered to say
  • You are guaranteed not to be forced to listen to a show that tries to be humorous, but fails in every regard
  • You are guaranteed not to be forced to listen to John Cena make Poopy humor for the benefit of toddlers
  • Or a show that features two guys with zero personality in the ring wrestling each other while the crowd sits in complete silence
  • A show that features a Color Commentator that has been announcing since 1993, who sounds like he wish he was anywhere else but at Raw each night

The choice is clear and the line in the sand is drawn. I will be in the LD tonight of the show that will clearly put far more effort into their broadcast like they did the last time there was a head to head. You aren’t going to see an entire show teased around Bret Hart’s return, only to get a whopping kick to the gut to end the show. You are bound to see what will unquestionably be an Impact made of Epic Proportion tonight, from the company that is more motivated and wants to give you Adults programming that matches your interests. Tonight, join us for what is destined to be an explosive episode of Impact, LIVE tonight at 9 PM Eastern …. On Spike TV.

WWE Moderator “D-Man” on why you should watch WWE Monday Night Raw:

So, has anyone else fallen victim to the hype?

Is anyone else excited to watch Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair hold the tag ropes for 18 out of the 20 minutes of their hyped tag match tonight, while AJ Styles and Abyss wrestle for the majority of it?

Is everyone ready to see two legendary, hall of fame figures gather their wrinkles and limp around the ring and try too fool us into thinking they are going to put on an exciting tag match?

Are you all excited to see Eric Bischoff give Jeff Jarrett another bullshit, backstage duty while further beating the obvious point of their storyline?

Does anyone really want to see Scott Hall without a shirt on?

Yeah, me neither.

As far as I’m concerned, even though TNA has been given a new spark since the addition of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, the only interesting thing that may happen on TNA’s "historical" Monday Night War-type broadcast tonight will be the confirmed rumored return of a former superstar. The remainder of the program is going to be more of the "Hogan/Bischoff show". Reports have already stated that even TNA’s roster is upset that Hulk Hogan is putting himself above more important storylines in his own company. You know, like hyping the next PPV? Or creating a storyline feud for the World Championship that isn’t overshadowed by Hogan’s man boobs?

My solution is to tune into tonight’s broadcast of Monday Night Raw and join its live discussion on Wrestlezone!! Even the most negative WWE viewers have all admitted that the episodes that have occurred during the Road to Wrestlemania have been the best that we’ve seen in over a year out of the WWE.

What kind of MAGIC will the Criss Angel (the host of Criss Angel’s Mindfreak) perform in the middle of the WWE ring tonight?? Will Batista confront John Cena again? What will happen between Randy Orton when he faces Legacy?? Will the Miz and Big Show respond to their Wrestlemania challenge from R-Truth and John Morrison for the Unified Tag Titles? What will Bret Hart say to Vince McMahon after having his crutches kicked out from under him and accepting Vince’s challenge for amatch at Wrestlemania?? What is going to happen when Vince McMahon faces John Cena?!?

With TNA, we’ve seen it all before. But with the WWE, the possibilities are endless!!! Who’s going to join the MONDAY NIGHT RAW LD TONIGHT?!?!

Wrestlezone forums invite everyone to join us either as a guest, or preferably, as a registered member.

The WWE RAW Live Discussion can be found here:

The TNA Impact Live Discussion can be found here:

We hope to see you on with us tonight!

Yours in Kayfabe,
Chris Fitzpatrick
Forums Administrator

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