PPV’s in the UK – Your Responses!

Martyn Nolan

The following is a taste of some of the emails I have received regarding the possibility of PPV’s in the UK: 

Ryan Micallef Wrote:
From what I heard from people within the WWE is it’s due to the time difference that makes it very hard to air the PPV’s live. SummerSlam 1992 was a HUGE success at the box office but did not draw well as a PPV buyrate… u can have the option of airing the PPV on taped delay at a more suitable time for everyone in the United States but nowadays you will have the internet spoiling the whole event within a minute of its conclusion live…. And you have to weigh in that you have to have buildings for the next two days worth of TV…
Ashley Ingram Wrote:
As much as I agree with you regarding there being a British based PPV (I much prefer the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff as a venue, purely for the roof with our weather lol) I can’t see them doing one anytime soon.
From a WWE point of view especially in this financial & technological climate, they would possibly stand to lose quite a bit of money. Back in ’92 the internet as we know it, was non existent, as was the idea of spoilers. Would you pay 35+ dollars for something you’d be able to read the results of 3hours before it starts? As well as probably mobile phone footage up on youtube.  This was also probably the reason behind Insurrection/Rebellion not getting any coverage on weekly TV, the WWE didn’t see the point in advertising anything they probably wouldn’t make any money off in the US market.
Rich Allen Wrote:
I just read your column on wrestlezone.com regarding the possibility of WWE PPV events in UK, and I 100% agree, I would LOVE to see Wrestlemania in London…
Neil Hall Wrote:
I was actually at the 92 Summerslam, Great Event!
I wish they would do something over here again. We should get a petition up and running!
Khudael Ashraf Wrote:
I was reading your British point of view. It was an interesting read.
Your article mentioned how no title changed hands in those UK pay-per-views in the late nineties. While that may be the case, in the early noughties, I believe the Hardcore title changed hands (possibly under the 24/7 rule) and if I remember rightly, Molly Holly won the European title only to lose it on the following Raw.
Wrestlemania would start at about 8pm here which would be 3pm Eastern and 12pm Pacific meaning that there will be fewer viewers.
It would be a nice thought but one that would cost the WWE too much money so unfortunately would be a no go.
Matty D from Brisbane, Australia Wrote:
I’d love one in Australia but I don’t think they’d be able to fill something like the MCG or SCG stadiums. I’d at least love a Raw/Smackdown taped in Australia to air all around the world like England gets but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.
Josh Santeramo Wrote:
In response to your post, I think the international market is an important area of revenue for both companies. But I am concerned that if a PPV were held overseas, would that mean the PPV would not be live in the US? I know when the UFC holds events at the O2 in London, they have to air it free on cable in the US because the event has already happened hours earlier from regular PPV time slots. By that time, all the results are spoiled and that’s why they air it free (as per my understanding). In 1992, we didn’t have the internet spoiling everything, so maybe it was alright then. But if the WWE or TNA were to hold a PPV in the UK, I wonder what would happen to the US buy rates for the PPV given that it would likely be spoiled half a day prior to it airing in the US. Honestly, I don’t know how buy rates for PPV compare between the US and the UK, but I have to believe the US buy rates are of greater value. Just my two cents.
Nick Clohessy Wrote:
Our weather in Britain is changeable at BEST! Having a PPV at Wembley Stadium would be amazing, but Heavy Rain could seriously spoil things. So I have a better suggestion: Cardiff’s Milennium Stadium. As a Londoner I would love for it to be Wembley, but since the Milennium Stadium has a roof it is the better choice (Even if it is about 20,000 less in capacity).

Whilst I’d love to see a PPV in the UK, unfortunately I can’t see it happening.

Martin Crawley Wrote:
Wembley stadium is too big for TNA at this current time, but for WWE would be perfect for Summerslam, I too would love to see Wrestlemania over here but Vince would never let the WWE’s biggest yearly PPV come over here. It would be good but I cant see it happening.
A few alternatives could be Old Trafford, home of Manchester United Football Club or maybe Arsenal FC (Emirates Stadium) which could easily hold quite a few but as the soccer stadiums are outside then I feel Summerslam would be the only feasible PPV, they could go for a b grade PPV and have it in the 02 Arena or the MEN Arena. There are quite a few possibilities, but would the American audience pay for a PPV that would be on TV in America in the afternoon U.S. time or show it on tape delay which would then have the spoilers all over the internet, time will tell but I feel that the UK audience are very passionate and we deserve a PPV so Vince and Dixie get your butts in gear and let us have a PPV!
Adam Feltham Wrote:
Wrestlemania in Wembley would be incredible. Not only that but it would bring so much more media attention to the WWE from the UK.
So the question I want answered is why wont the WWE give back to the UK what we give to the WWE?
Yeah, they bring 2 RAW and Smackdown shows to the UK every year, but to me, id like to see something more, something bigger, I say we run a campaign for Wrestlemania or Summerslam to come to the UK in the next 5 years!
D. Nicholls Wrote:
While I agree that there should be more international PPVs, not only in the UK, but maybe Japan and Mexico as well… Imagine what a major PPV, world title main event would draw between Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio in Mexico City!
You all bring up a very good point regarding the time difference with USA and the UK. I would personally just put them on live during the day and a repeat during the usual U.S. timeslot. This way U.S. and Canadian fans who are able to watch during the day are able to and those who cannot just have to wait a couple of hours, avoid hearing the spoilers and watch it on delay within their usual PPV timeslot. This is what happens in other sports and PPV events which take place worldwide.
I as a fan of wrestling, at the moment I cannot stay up till 4am on a work night to watch WWE PPV’s on a Sunday evening so I need to avoid the results throughout the whole day afterwards and watch it during a Monday evening on returning home from work.
When you consider that fans on the Western side of the World would only have to do this once a year, would it such a big deal?
One point that was argued is that watching during the day is not a good option for PPV buys in the USA or Canada, could I ask why? It’s a weekend day after all.
As regards to your comments about the buildings required for the next 2 days then that shouldn’t be a problem with the O2 Arena being down the road, plus it’s the usual premises they use for RAW and Smackdown when they attend London anyway.
I am glad that I have received such a strong response from fans on this from within the UK. I have tried to get as much feedback in as possible regarding this argument and if you did not make it on to this page then I will try my best to get your point on in the next article.
I have to ask this question now from the response I have been given. Would you U.S and Canadian fans really find it a problem if the PPV were shown live during the day and repeated in the evening?
Please get in touch on beansontoastuk@msn.com and I would love to hear from you!

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