EXCLUSIVE: Mark Madden’s Back – Talks Scott Hall’s Arrest



“Being his friend is EXHAUSTING,” Scott Hall once said of DDMe. Correct, and ironic. Because, as Hall's recent arrest in Florida reminds, being anywhere near “the bad guy” can wring you out like a sponge.

I knew Scott pretty well when we worked together in WCW. Drove with him and Kevin Nash a few times. Partied with them a lot of times.

When I got fired from WCW in 1996 for making remarks on the 900# somebody didn’t like, Hall and Nash pledged total non-cooperation to the promotions and publicity department until I was reinstated. It took a little over a month. By then WCW was BEGGING me to come back. Got a big raise, too. Nobody can terrorize like The Outsiders. Owed ‘em big. Still do.

Wrote a few nasty things about Hall before taking my recent hiatus. I was getting revenge for some insulting remarks he made at fan conventions, things he didn’t even remember saying when Nash mentioned it. No big deal. Scott’s a good man.

But what a tortured soul.

I love Scott. Underneath all that insanity is a guy with a heart of gold, somebody who has a keen understanding of wrestling, somebody I’ve often seen go out of his way to dispense good advice to the less experienced, including me.

But he has a giant inferiority complex, and I don’t know why. Scott was right in the middle of an era that revolutionized wrestling, a catalyst as a performer and as a backstage tactician. Fantastic worker, especially for his size. Had a legendary bout with Shawn Michaels on the ladder. Made good money for a long time. Fans love him. They always remember him. He’s cool. He’s over. Most wrestlers would kill to have had Scott Hall’s career.

But no matter what Scott’s done, it’s never good enough for him. He has a reputation for blaming others, but if you hear Scott do it enough, you can tell he’s staring into the mirror. Into the abyss.

Scott’s a lot like Mickey Rourke’s character in “The Wrestler.” The only place he’s comfortable is in the ring. His family life has long been scrambled. Like most intelligent people, he’s bored very easily, which is where the booze and drugs come in.

When Scott’s in a foul mood that’s been chemically enhanced, look out. You can hear him coming a mile away. He’s mean, he’s nasty, he’s confrontational and he’s absolutely impossible to deal with. Nash is the only person who’s ever really tried, and how long can you try? How much lunacy can you deal with? You might think you know what it’s like. You don’t. It’s terrifying, like Max Cady in “Cape Fear.”

Want to know how good Scott Hall can be? TNA knew exactly what they were getting – AND STILL HIRED HIM. TNA felt it was worth the risk. (Or maybe TNA made yet another bad decision.)

I was certainly not surprised by any of the details of Scott’s recent arrest. Vintage Hall. I can close my eyes and see everything that happened.

A cry for help? Used to be. Not anymore. Scott’s beyond help. He knows it. His friends know it. The most amazing thing about Scott Hall is that he’s still alive. He has a death wish. But he just won’t die.

I can’t help him. Wouldn’t try if I could. He’s beyond help. Obviously doesn’t want it. Won’t change.

Nash deserves a lot of credit. He went from co-conspirator to guardian angel, and I’m not sure Hall appreciates it as much as he should. Same with Sean Waltman. Nash has put his reputation on the line for Hall and Waltman. Bailed them out of tight spots. What has either ever done for him?

Good luck to Scott Hall. I wish him well. Nothing’s going to change. Not now. Not ever.

Speaking of Waltman, backstage scuttlebutt at TNA says Waltman got terminated because he was perceived as a negative influence on Jeff Hardy. That’s a laugh. Hold Hardy responsible for his own actions. That’s like Tony Montana being a negative influence on Pablo Escobar.

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