A British Point of View – Michael Cole and Commentary

Martyn Nolan

What is WWE doing with Michael Cole? I cannot figure out whether he is supposed to be a face or a heel? The man is currently playing a heel character on NXT and a face on RAW. That is until Miz walks out on RAW and he becomes heel again for 10 minutes. 

I don’t understand why WWE are putting out such an inconsistent character on their product. It doesn’t make sense and it makes it look like somebody has a split personality syndrome.
It’s no secret that I don’t feel Michael Cole is a great commentator but if everybody already has a problem with him then why not put him on the desk as a heel character?
I really feel the commentator’s desk is missing JR. The man is obviously a legend but he brings that natural face character to the table.
King was always best when he was the heel character trying to find impossible ways of validating a heel’s actions and JR spent half of his time fighting the corner of the face characters. It’s similar to my mention of the character development in my previous column. This gave all the wrestlers more character.
Matt Striker is a decent younger version of King when playing the heel character but again sometimes becomes conflicted and back track on what he says as a face.
This shows that most of the commentators on the desk today are all better as heels but they don’t really have any striking face commentators.
These days were treated to the usual quotes from Michael Cole such as “I have an email from the general manager… And I quote!” or should that be “I have a manager from the email!” Sorry, I couldn’t resist getting that one in, it made me giggle.
Others include “Your watching the longest running episodic television show in network history, Monday Night RAW!” and we will never be able to forget the famous “vintage” lines. A wrestler only has to do something for a month for it to become “vintage” in Cole’s mind.
Now I know it’s not all Cole, I know it’s the way the company wants him to market the company and its product but these days it just feels cold and processed.
In the old days J.R. used to “Welcome” you to RAW not tell you that you’re watching it like Cole does. I know what the hell I’m watching!
The only commentators who feel natural and acting as themselves to me are Josh Mathews and Todd Grisham. Now I know this might not be popular but there voices don’t grate me but they also don’t have the impact that J.R’s did.
If J.R. isn’t fit to bring back to the WWE on a television role or doesn’t want too anymore then why don’t they try to obtain JBL’s services again? JBL’s main strength was the ability to control a crowd with his heel character on the microphone.
I even loved listening to Taz and Mic Foley. They provided character to the usual voices and comedy at the same time.
Now I’m not knocking Michael Cole for the past couple of years with his seemingly small battle with J.R’s spot, I’ve knocked him since he first arrived and was a back stage interviewer. There is something about the man that I have never took a liking too. One thing I cannot call him for is his enthusiasm at ringside. If you ever get the chance to see him off camera you can tell by his body language that he respects the business but I think its time to freshen things up a little.
Either give Cole more of a screen presence with being the leader of the Nexus or have him completely turn heel on the headset.
Your only other alternative is to bring back Vince McMahon. Some liked him, some saw completely through him due to his position in the company but I have to admit as a kid I loved his commentary.
I know Vince will most probably never go back to that role but if he did, I would be happy!
What do you think WWE could do to change the commentary situation? Do you think a change for Cole is on the cards or do you think that WWE are happy creating controversy around him because it gives us all a reason to talk about him and the product?
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