EXCLUSIVE: Who Turns At SummerSlam?


Who Turns at Summerslam? – By Bob Bamber

We’re just a few days away from Summerslam, and all the hype leading into this match centres around the 7-on-7, Team WWE vs Team Nexus match. Much like the 5-on-5 Alliance vs WWF match at Invasion in 2001, I get the feeling this match won’t end clean.

Ever since this angle started, Wade Barrett has promised us that The Nexus’ agenda is part of a “much bigger picture” that will be revealed in time. As much as I think Barrett has done a great job as leader of the Nexus, “the bigger picture”, to me at least, is a bigger leader of the group.

So, I’m inclined to think that somebody will align with the Nexus on Sunday, the burning question is – who?

Bret Hart – He’s certainly not in this match for his wrestling ability. And any draw power he had would’ve been extinguished when people saw his match at Wrestlemania. So why else would he be in this match? The Montreal screwjob is certainly enough justification to be behind this group, but I don’t believe his mic skills can pull this off long term.

John Cena – All I can say with this one is good luck explaining this one. I’m a big believer in a Cena heel turn, but putting Cena behind this one would make near enough zero sense. The pay off would be horrible too. Then again, a Cena heel turn is long overdue.

Triple H – Yes, he’s injured, so quite how he makes an impact in the match I don’t know. But providing he can hold a microphone he could certainly work through it in the coming weeks and months. The man who ties in quite nicely with the anonymous GM. Would be hard to explain why The Nexus hadn’t attacked Sheamus though…

Chris Jericho – Barrett’s pro in NXT. There isn’t the impact factor here like the others, after all – he is a heel already. But it would be very easy to explain, and Jericho would probably be the best man to carry this angle forward headed towards Survivor Series. I’m not sure what Jericho being behind the group would add to the angle…

Michael Cole – No, I don’t see Cole getting in the ring, low-blowing John Cena, and handing Nexus the victory, but him being leader is certain possible, if a little weak. Has the opportunity to be the real anonymous GM. I honestly can think of no scenario where Cole turns out to be the leader that moves this angle forward.

No-body turns – It would be a bit of a let down, and it would mean a clean finish (which means the Nexus losing, or Cena losing legit – neither of which I consider realisitc). It’s certainly possible, but I don’t know where this angle goes next if there’s a clean win.

The Wild-cards (don’t get your hopes up) – A bit of hype on Monday regarding the possible return of The Rock. If any big name was going to unveil themselves as part of team WWE (to eventually turn come Sunday), they had the perfect opportunity at the end of Raw.

If I had to make a call right now. I’m giving the nudge to Bret. It makes the most sense, and I don’t see any reason for him to be in the match otherwise. The payoff would be quite strong, but I really don’t rate his mic work to get this angle through the next few months.

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It’s a mallard!

The current TNA situation with ECW reminds me of a scene from this seasons Office. Dwight, trying to spy on new co-regional manager Jim, places a duck mallard with a Dictaphone stuck to the bottom in Jim’s office. Jim quickly foils Dwight’s mallard, and thinks he has his lame attempts at espionage crushed. In reality, Dwight’s real plan (a pen with the microphone in it) lies in Jim’s office, unnoticed.

The TNA resurrection of ECW is like the mallard. It was big and brash, and very difficult to avoid. But meanwhile, old WCW angles sneak in around the back, as if they’re hoping we’re all going to miss it. The Wolfpac, The Four Horseman, The TV Title, The N.W.O. – 4 WCW angles that TNA are trying to recreate, and with who at the helm? Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff. We are literally rewinding the clock by 10 years, just in a smaller venue. Not to mention the old man ramp that they’ve had installed just so that Hogan, Nash and co can actually get to the ring.

Why don’t TNA go all out? I’m sure David Arquette would love a second World Title reign to his name…

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