A British Point of View: Ziggler, Del Rio & Kane

Martyn Nolan


Dolph Ziggler:
Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t we meant to be in the PG rated era of WWE?
If so, why did I just witness Dolph Ziggler stomp on a (supposedly) unconscious man!?
Tell me if I’m wrong on this one but the actions that I saw from Dolph Ziggler this past Friday were far from PG rated. Dolph savoured the moment and hung his foot in the air and then viciously stomped on the cheek and jaw area of Kofi’s head.
Now don’t get me wrong, I know why this was done and it succeeded. Dolph looked aggressive and dangerous. But the fact remains that WWE feels that a vicious shot to the head in that manner is acceptable under PG rated television.
In my opinion watching Kofi’s head take a shot like that looked much worse than Cena having a 2 cm cut on his forehead on a PPV. The difference? Cena’s match was stopped so he could receive treatment even though it was an I Quit match of which is supposed to have no rules.
WWE even replayed the stomp in super slow motion!
Now I know Kofi was part of it and it was agreed to take a shot like that to put Dolph’s character over more but if you’re going to go with PG then stick to it. Don’t give me ridiculous situations on PPV’s where matches get stopped and then on a TV show put on a potentially dangerous scenario as we all witnessed on Smackdown.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you want to deter kids from copying wrestling then I found that the sight of blood made them realise that people can get hurt, it doesn’t have to be over used as it has in the past but can be used more effectively. Seeing somebody get their head stomped on doesn’t demonstrate any evidence any injuries and a child watching will more than likely not realise the potential internal injuries that can and will more likely be caused. In effect, what is the difference that Kofi took on Smackdown than a chair shot from the old days? I know the shot wasn’t to the top of the head but it was still very capable of doing serious damage.
Alberto Del Rio:
Onto a lighter note. Now people can correct me again here but half of Alberto’s video segments from the past several weeks have not made any sense to me, only because I cannot understand a damn word he says half the time!! It seems like he is mumbling his way through the promo, I know he’s not struggling with confidence but I struggle with his accent.
Maybe this is an English thing and would love to hear your response on this because I genuinely have to study what he is saying to fully understand him.
Things didn’t seem as bad when he was in the actual arena on Friday night but I just wondered if it was just me struggling on this one.
Apart from that I was quite impressed with Alberto’s debut on Smackdown. His entrance was a blatant rip off from JBL’s but he is confident and looks to be a natural heel.
I liked his submission finish and sold the intensity well on the finish with repeatedly yanking on Mysterio’s arm after the bell.
Maybe he needs to work on the attire though? Time will tell.
I had heard Kane had showed us a good promo on Smackdown before I got the chance to watch it myself so predictably I had built my hopes up beforehand.
When it first started I wasn’t so sure it was much different than anything I’d heard before but as time went on and with the good use of the echo laugh, the video segments and full explanation of his “master plan” I couldn’t help but feel pulled into the TV slightly.
Kane is doing what we’ve been begging now for about 10 years and I hope it continues for the next few months at least.
I can’t help but compare it to a film. You see films that get many sequels, these sequels were not originally planned and feel like they are rushed and tagged onto the original.
Then on occasions you get the sequel that expands on the original and explains things from the original that you never realised until later down the line.
This is what Kane’s promo felt like to me this week. He went back through 13 years worth of rivalry with Undertaker and explained why he did what he did. It wasn’t perfect by any means but it tried to give reason and I was surprised to the fact that I’m interested in seeing this rivalry again. Something that has been done many times and yet I want to see it again.
The only rivalry that I can think of the top of my head where I looked forward to them locking up again would be Austin and Rock’s many encounters at Wrestlemania. They always gave reason for them to meet again and it came across as fresh and original.
I hope WWE continue to build this rivalry up slowly and don’t rush into a finish. Kane deserves that belt longer and if they end it prematurely it’ll finish off Kane’s character in a less than deserved way.
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