EXCLUSIVE: Another Negative TNA Column

Mark Madden


For a woman who loves to throw around words like “family” and “loyalty,” Dixie Carter has created low morale and plenty of dysfunction at TNA via the continuing push of EV2.

Dixie’s “family” is upset by lack of “loyalty” to them when it comes to handing TNA over to has-beens who can’t draw.

Among the complaints:

*Tommy Dreamer having major creative input. “Dreamer’s walking around backstage proposing ideas: ‘Hey, would you do this? Would you be interested in doing that?’ He’s not Paul Heyman, but Dixie seems to think he is,” said one TNA employee.

*Ex-world champ RVD being just another “extreme” guy (and him being stupid enough to somehow think that’s good). “Van Dam’s conceit is unreal,” said one TNA employee. “He’s a mid-card guy.”

*Mick Foley switching bandwagons yet again.

*EV2’s “look” (or lack thereof). When Flair cut his promo on EV2, said one TNA employee, “He killed ‘em, but he didn’t need to. Those guys just look ridiculous, especially standing in a group. They’re not stars, never were stars, and don’t look like stars. When those guys are all in the same camera shot, it looks like cable access wrestling.”

*The EV2 angle being prolonged. “It was supposed to be a night of nostalgia. Now it’s our main program,” said one TNA employee. A rumored War Games match between EV2 and Fortune draws particular derision: “Wait until the guys who don’t look like wrestlers beat the guys who do.”

*Dixie’s attitude that the EV2 guys have paid their dues. “They didn’t pay ‘em here,” said one TNA employee. “They paid ‘em at a company that went bankrupt."

*EV2’s revival of the “extreme” style is unpopular. “Turn on ESPN, all you see is doctors talking about the danger of concussions,” said one TNA employee. “Those idiots are doing unprotected chairshots, which means we’re all expected to.” Said another TNA employee, “Their style made wrestling more dangerous for all of us.”

Hostility toward EV2 is said to be promotion-wide. Morale at TNA is said to be near an all-time low.

Maybe Team 3-D can let some sunshine in…by leaving.

Few wrestlers are as universally reviled as Brother Ray and Brother D-von. Arrogant far beyond their abilities and accomplishments, dangerous to work with, clumsy, bad look, convoluted moves – no one in TNA would miss Team 3-D. WWE doesn’t want them back.

As one of wrestling’s major players told me a few years ago, “They think they’re one of the best tag teams in wrestling history. But they’re an awful lot closer to being the worst. When the fat black guy crabs (strikes a bodybuilding pose), I don’t know whether to laugh or vomit.”

In a recent blog, Mick Foley heavily criticized Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer for unduly knocking Foley’s promos. That’s typical Mick: When Meltzer thinks Foley’s good, he’s right. When Meltzer doesn’t, he’s wrong. If you like Mick, Mick likes you.

One thing’s certain: Foley’s not as good at his job as Meltzer is at his.

Credit where it’s due: Mick did a lot with a little. Made good money. But talk about a guy who made the business more dangerous.

And geez, Foley’s anti-Meltzer rant went on FOREVER. Methinks thou dost protest too much.

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