A British Point of View: Gongs, Briefcases and Cells!

Martyn Nolan

First I would like to apologise that it has taken me over a week to make a new entry as I have not been too well this past week. 

I might be shot down for this comment but as good as it was seeing Paul Bearer make his return on Smackdown this week I can’t help but feel the industry completed it’s slow rewind of the last 15 years. We are back with the mystical powers of the Undertaker and we have John Cena doing as good as possible impression of Hulk Hogan.
Sheamus has now lost the title and with that all credibility of being a classic heel champion has found the nearest window to catapult itself from. He never beat anyone fairly and now faces Randy Orton in the Hell in a Cell, to which we all expect him to lose.
What is the point in having Hell in the Cell? There isn’t going to be anyone flying from the structure, there isn’t going to be anyone getting beaten within the inch of their life. How hellish is the match if an official has to enter the cell to attend to a small cut on a wrestler? I’ll put money on it that it happens.
Miz has lost his US Championship but is still Mr. Money in the Bank.
Now, Money in the Bank, this is an aspect that was original 4 years ago but has now taken a different shift this year. The money in the bank ladder match seemed to become a modern day tradition of Wrestlemania. However, not anymore as WWE decides to continue the trend of lazy booking ideas by naming an entire PPV around the aspect.
Miz needs to cash in his briefcase (I don’t know why because it’s empty as we saw a couple of weeks back) and LOSE! Yes lose!
Miz has the potential to become a great main event heel within the industry and seems to be one of the brighter lights of the future.
How many of your favourite wrestling legends in the past required a briefcase gimmick to become a champion? None. Bret Hart didn’t need one, neither did HBK, HHH (Although a useful wife may have assisted here), The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker and so many more. The Money in the Bank concept has proved original in the last few years but things need to be changed again.
Everyone is expecting Miz to cash in that briefcase at any point now but what happens if he cashed it in and failed? It would give the champion the opportunity to gloat that he is the only one in history to fend off the Money in the Bank winner and also forces Miz to get to the top spot using more traditional methods. Maybe win the Royal Rumble? If Sheamus stopped The Miz from winning It may even give him the chance to regain some of that believability he has lost. However, I struggle to see them take the strap off Orton so quickly.
Since the Money in the Bank has come into effect it has taken a some of the light of Wrestlemania for creating champions. These days they would create the champion through the money in the bank and then have him go to Mania and lose it to someone like John Cena. Unfortunately, been there, done that and we’ve all worn the T-Shirt.
If we’re going to have to put up with the PG rated era of wrestling for a long time to come then they need to look at changing how they develop storylines. Gone are the days when you can have two people hate each other so much that they have a match where they end up hitting each other with chairs for 30 minutes. So make it more about competition rather than a gimmick. Try new things! It cannot be worse than what’s happening at the minute surely.
And what the hell is Michael Cole doing on NXT with a gong!? I have to say that I agree with what he was saying but he looked like he was struggling to keep his face straight while having his little rant. Maybe he realised how strange and pathetic his character has become? Also why is it that he walks up the ramp on his walkout and makes comments towards Vickie Guerrero (basically calling her pathetic for being involved on the show) and then on the PPV be praising her when she is with Dolph?
Cole’s character consistently fails to make any sense. Even the King looks like he is just going through the motions. To have 3 people on the announcers table during a PPV and the only real face there is Jerry Lawler is nearly criminal.
How would people have taken it if Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon were at the announcing position and Bobby was the only face on the table, it sounds a stupid idea but that’s how it comes across to me at the minute.
In closing scrap the briefcase and scrap the concept.
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