Kevin Kelly Responds to Hall of Fame Feedback


Hall of Fame Feedback or “Should the Mulkeys Prepare a Speech?”

Sorry Randy. And Bill… Mulkey-mania will not be running wild at this year’s Hall of Fame Ceremony.

The annual class of inductees, otherwise known as “Those that Vince Doesn’t Hate”, will be topped by
Shawn Michaels. And last week, I threw out some possibilities of candidates who could join HBK. Since
my list wasn’t “your list”, I wanted to know your thoughts, along with my comments and odds on it

“Randy Savage
Randy Savage
Randy Savage.”
–Marc Samuels

Marc, you are a man of few words but a common theme for potential HOF’ers is the Macho Man. Odds
are 25-1
“Arn Anderson: He held multiple Tag Team and TV Titles in WCW. His mic skills were very impressive.
Some of his interviews with Ric Flair and the 4 Horseman were quite enjoyable. Plus his Spinebuster
looks great. No one can do a Spinebuster like Arn. Whether he was a heel cheating to win or a face
defending WCW from the NWO, he was always a joy to watch. He also works for WWE so it wouldn’t be
difficult to bring him in.

Sting: I consider him the face of WCW all through out the 90’s. Hogan and Macho Man were brought
in and took a lot of attention off of him, but he was always a big star. Even when he wasn’t wrestling
and was spotted in the rafters doing his crow impression, he was always a big deal. He was one of the
main WCW wrestlers against the NWO. That was one of the biggest storylines in WCW history. I really
hope he leaves TNA for the WWE even for a short bit. Sting at WrestleMania would be incredible! Will
it happen? Probably not, Sting is loyal and probably won’t leave, but I can still hope right?”
–Robert Boland
Bobby, spot on in your analysis. You can still hope. My gut tells me Sting is going to happen. Odds are 5-
1. Arn Anderson is a sure thing but because of the Horseman, I’ll make the odds at 4-1.


“To me the biggest name that needs to be in the hall of fame is Sting. But there is no way he will get
inducted while he is working with TNA or “rumored” to be working with TNA.

So if Sting is out of the question I think you have to go with Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson.

Another name that comes to mind that I am going to throw out there, even though I am not sure how
you will feel about it is…. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner.”
–Jeff Mayo
Thanks Jeff! Would Vince hold TNA against Sting or does Vince even know who Sting is? Tully and Arn is
a red-hot sure bet. Big Poppa Pump? Not so much. Odds on Steiner… 75-1

“I believe this years HOF will obviously be out shined by HBK, thats a given. As far as names that should

be honored. OWEN HART!!!! Nuff said. Ex WCW stars? What about Magnum T.A, Nikita Koloff, Barry
Windham, or for Gods Sake…. Ronnie Garvin!!!!! If Joko B. Ware is in then Pez Whatley should be a no
brainer!!!! Hahaha. Vince's HOF is A Joke to hype Mania. Everybody knows that.”

–C Sheehan

AMEN FOR OWEN!!! I bet it happens this year and Bret does the induction speech. HBK, Owen, Sting
and Tully and Arn in 2011. Magnum? No, not on top long enough. Odds are 20-1. Same for Nikita. Barry
Windham? Dad is in but I’m not feeling it. Odds are 33-1. Ronnie Garvin? Only if he dresses as Miss
Atlanta Lively again. Odds are 42-1, which was how old he was when he became World Champion. Then
again, maybe the odds are better than that?

“How exactly is the Macho Man NOT in the Hall Of Fame? One of the most recognizable performers in
the history of the business not to mention the crossover into popular culture. He's had one of the most
lasting impacts of any performer all time.”

–Nate C.

Nate, since the door has been opened ever-so-slightly by the inclusion of Macho Man in the new video
game, I think it’s 2012 for Savage… or the end of the world. One of the two.

“Hey Kevin I've Been watching wrestling for along time and remember NWA/WCW from when I was
younger. So here are some wrestles I thought of for Inductees for this year.
Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, Magnum T.A., Nikita Koloff, Ron Garvin, Wahoo McDaniel, Mike
Rotunda, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, J.J. Dillon

Patrick, I liked Wahoo… he’s an interesting pick. 44-1. Rotunda? Despite the fact his son is on the active
roster, was Mike Rotunda a big enough star? 27-1. I love Dr. Death as a posthumous induction with the
speech given by Jim Ross. 11-1 and JJ could go in any year and deserves to be in the conversation. 22-1.

“Every time I see the discussion of this year’s Hall of Fame being centered around WCW stars, I wonder
why certain stars I would consider shoe-ins are never mentioned…For instance, The Great Muta. Great
in-ring work, even in the years where he was double his opponents’ age, and such a mysterious persona
that the lack of mic-work was nearly moot.

What about Big Van Vader? It didn’t matter if he was wrestling in WCW, WWF or Japan, he was
automatically a top heel. He had the innate ability to make crowds hate and fear him, in-ring skills very
few men of his size could compete with, and although his mic work was usually short and to the point, it
was quality.

What of Bam Bam Bigelow? Arguably the most agile and well-conditioned big man of the last 20 years,
with a look FAR ahead (no pun intended) of his time, not to mention being a top contender in each of
the Big 3 during their peaks. Where is the noteriety for THESE deserving men?

Why is the HOF centered around WCW this year? I get 'Mania is in Atlanta, but come on…If next
year's was located in Philly, I wouldn't hold my breath for The Eliminators, Chris Candido (no matter
how deserving), or even Paul Heyman's inductions. There are many men who deserve it as much as,
if not more than, those mentioned. In my opinion, the induction of Yokozuna (RIP) is LONG overdue.
The endurance & physical ability of a man his size is unparalelled, & he had great feuds with some of
the greatest: Hogan, Hart, Luger, etc. And what about his tag team partner? Owen Hart (RIP) is just
as deserving as his already-inducted brother. His technical & high flying in-ring ability, mic work &
dedication were amazing. Hell, the man gave his LIFE, in ring, attempting to heighten his gimmick. And
these are just a handful of past superstars who are deserving of the honor, in my opinion.”
–Whitney Willis

Whitney, I appreciate the passion and you raise a good point about why geography plays a role in
the HOF. Muta? Absolutely, yes. 3-1. Vader? He certainly was an attraction and should be in the
conversation. 36-1. Bam Bam? No no. Wrestlers who died from drug use will find it very hard to get in.
75-1. Now, a Paul Heyman induction speech? That would be remarkable!

“Why not just get it over with and induct Triple H?”
–Matthew Weaver
And good night everybody… Matthew Weaver shoots and scores!

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