A British Point of View: A Sting in the Tail

Martyn Nolan

Is Sting vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27 really that big a deal?

First off I would like to welcome Mike Killam, Ken Napzok, The Straight Shooter, Josh Isenberg and of course Sean Morley to Wrestlezone’s Editorials! It’s great to see more interesting opinions being expressed as WWE heads towards Wrestlemania!

Now… The chances of Sting coming to the WWE have got everyone wondering what’s going to happen come Wrestlemania 27, but is Sting really a big deal for WWE?
This all depends on which aspect you’re looking at it from. One aspect is from the highlight reels and the hype, the other is from the wrestling standpoint. We all know that the wrestling aspect is quickly taking a backseat to sports entertainment so it’s understandable the highlight reel looks more appealing. Allow me to explain further.
We all know the history of Sting. Here is the greatest wrestler in the modern day world who has never stepped into a WWE ring. The slightest chance that Sting will make his WWE debut has got most fans getting very excited. On the minus side Sting is now into his 51 and will be 52 by the time ‘Mania comes round the corner. That is not to knock him. Still being an active wrestler at that age and not embarrassing yourself is quite an achievement in today’s world.
WWE on the other hand see the opportunity for Sting to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania as their end game. This will give the show its backbone and that one signature match for the record books.
Will it however give us the match we all dreamed of? Highly doubtful.
If both men had faced each other at the top of their game then more than likely the hype could have lived up to all expectations. Don’t get me wrong, both guys are still incredible workers considering their age and injuries sustained over the past 20 years but I can’t see a wrestling classic being displayed if they face off at ‘Mania.
Sure nobody will care, take The Rock vs. Hollywood Hogan at Wrestlemania 18. Who remembers the match? Hardly anyone, and if you do then you will likely call it mediocre. The hype however is a completely different story. Everyone remembers the highlight reels showing Rock staredown Hogan and the crowd going crazy. This is added to the rest of the classic stare downs such as such as Austin & The Rock and HBK & Undertaker, and Taker and Sting would be no different.
Remember Wrestlemania 25? Everyone thought that Austin or Hogan was going to face Chris Jericho but it never happened. From that point on the whole event is only remembered for the match between HBK and Undertaker, and so it should. The event was good but didn’t feel like any of the other matches had that ‘special’ quality about it.
Imagine the same scenario, except Sting and Taker don’t put on a wrestling classic. It could fall flat and the event needs other attractions to keep it from this fate. Whether that be the guest host which Vince will announce on RAW or whether it’s some shocking storyline such as a Cena heel turn. Something may need to happen to keep this event from being about that one moment.
Other than that I really see this years Wrestlemania as the birth of the younger stars on the bigger stage. Del Rio is your main event, and for someone has not even held a title yet and been in the business for less than a year that is pretty impressive. Dolph Ziggler is receiving his push and Miz is still the champion.
Hopefully a few twists will be thrown into the mix and we may see a great event, I just hope Vince doesn’t put all his eggs in one basket with Sting.
I did like the way CM Punk brought relevance to his rivalry with Randy Orton when showing the footage from Unforgiven on the opening segment of RAW. However, the ending to RAW this week did nothing to help the Nexus angle at all.
When CM Punk took over the group I thought they would be pushing for them to become dominant again, I thought they would make Punk win the Rumble and have his group protect him. Then we had them starting to take everyone down from the Elimination Chamber match but good old Superman Cena came into effect again.
Would it have hurt to have Cena get treated the same way as everyone else? It’s not like they are ending his career by giving an advantage to a group that needs to fuel a story. How many times do we have to see Cena come ‘over the odds’ in situations that just make everyone else look inferior? Miz may be champion but WWE still revolves around Cena’s character 100% It’s a shame…
And why does Alex Riley walk around with a briefcase!? It made sense when they had the Money in the Bank contract but now he just walks to the ring with it. Completely pointless!
Either way I’m looking forward to Wrestlemania in Augusta, Georgia! Oops! I mean Atlanta (R-Truth taught me that one!)
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