Last Ride? It Might Be About Time; Chris Jericho & More

Mark Madden


Dave Meltzer calls the Angle-Angle-Jarrett storyline one of TNA’s most compelling because it’s a situation so many can relate to. I disagree, and the ratings back me – though I think it’s fair to say that so many people are used to NOT watching TNA, the numbers are no longer a true reflection of booking quality, let alone any singular plot. Non-viewership works by rote, too.

Using the kids as pawns – both in the angle, and in real life via their ill-advised participation – is creepy. Uncalled for. The messy divorce is familiar, but the feeling created is discomfort, not empathy. The presence of Jarrett disinterests me – always has – and perhaps the Kurt-Karen dichotomy disturbs me more than most because, frankly, I was privy to some of Karen’s real-life indiscretions when she and Kurt were married and residing in Pittsburgh.

Meltzer compared this angle to Triple H-Stephanie-Test in WWE, but that had a sense of humor. Trips and Steph at the drive-through chapel was a HOOT. Angle-Angle-Jarrett just isn’t funny, perhaps because of the real-life implications.

Tonight’s live Impact is supposed to contain some amazing shocker. But it won’t top The Rock, and it won’t work, because it never does with TNA. Some speculate that Karen will dump Jeff at the altar and remarry Kurt. That wouldn’t surprise me, because it would convolute everything TNA has done. That’s a heel move by Karen, but TNA would expect her to be a babyface. Wouldn’t a jilted Jarrett be a sympathetic figure? Like I said, convoluted. That’s what TNA does: it convolutes. Confuses. Good luck explaining that to the Angle children: “Mommy and daddy are married on TV, but in real life, Mommy and Jeff are married…” Yuck.

TNA should do a good, coherent, logical, action-packed two-hour show. That would be a “shocking surprise of the year.”

Maybe Kimona will be Karen’s lesbian lover. Lucky Karen.


I don’t see Triple H-Undertaker as a good idea for ‘Mania. No major issue. It’s kind of late in the day to create one, even if Shawn Michaels refs. No one believes Triple H is going to actually retire, for good, at 41. Even the densest mark will see this as a rushed, artificial way to extend ‘Taker’s WM streak against a big name – and that big name will be back inside a year, probably within a few months.

I’ve always given full credit to the Undertaker character. How can you not? He’s been appearing in small doses, which is wise. But, maybe…time’s up. I can’t think of one more interesting thing to do with ‘Taker.

I’ve read that Triple H wants out of the ring so he can learn more about running WWE. How convenient. I think Trips already knows more about “running the business” than, say, Kevin Dunn or Brian Gewirtz ever will. Sounds like Triple H just wants time off the road to be with his kids. Good for him.

But at some point, WWE will need him in the ring, and Triple H will be back. Just like everybody else.

Remember when WWE used the better part of an entire year to build storylines toward WrestleMania? Never mind Triple H learning how to run the business. Vince McMahon needs to REMEMBER how to run the business.


There’s a rumor that Sunny – Tammy Sytch – may go into the WWE Hall of Fame. I can see that. Sunny was the first diva in the current sense of that word within the context of WWE, the first woman in that company that was more than a wrestler providing filler. It eventually came full circle, with sexy women taught to wrestle because vice-versa can’t be done. But Sunny was a trailblazer, a hot chick that got and loved the business. This would give all the boys one more shot at her, too.

As for Hacksaw Jim Duggan, he was over. Isn’t that the primary basis for greatness in wrestling? Plus, he gave me a Xanax on a flight to Australia.


Chris Jericho appeared on my Pittsburgh radio show to plug his new book. Such hilarity, you’ve never heard. Check out the podcast on my page at

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