3.3.11: Christian Wrestler Beats Junky Wrestler (SPOILER)

Mark Madden


Wow, TNA ripped off WWE’s Undertaker video. A parody, you’d call it. Clever.

But when TNA makes fun of WWE…isn’t that like the bug making fun of the windshield? SPLAT. WWE got more out of teasing Sting’s arrival (which never happened) than TNA’s going to get out of Sting’s actual return. No knock on Sting. It’s the difference between major-and minor-league.

Hulk Hogan never ceases to amaze. He criticized The Rock’s return to WWE as being improperly done. Hogan says The Rock shouldn’t have ridiculed John Cena because Cena is in WWE all the time, and The Rock is just a temp. Hogan knows better than to spout such nonsense. Hogan knows The Rock is still over, while he very decidedly is not. Hogan knows The Rock still looks good, while he very decidedly does not. Hogan knows The Rock could still have a good match if called upon, while Hogan can barely limp to the ring.

WWE is trying to sell WrestleMania. Teasing potential conflict between The Rock and Cena seems a good way to do that. What good, exactly, would The Rock slobbering all over Cena do? How would that sell ‘Mania?

But Hogan always expected everyone to kiss his ass in promos. Cena’s the top guy now. Hogan figures he deserves the same.

Or maybe Hogan’s just a self-serving a**hole. No wonder this guy’s all alone. Who could stand to be around him? He thinks only of himself 24/7.

Remember WM X-8? Remember when Hogan hijacked the match against The Rock? The Rock was overmatched in so many ways. Turning heel to mimic the crowd heat was the easiest thing for The Rock to do. It turned into a memorable event. But the bottom line is, Hogan used fan reaction as an excuse to go into business for himself. How can this selfish jackass excoriate The Rock for not putting himself below Cena on WWE’s totem pole when he spontaneously turned WWE’s top babyface heel in the middle of WrestleMania? Did WWE want THAT?

The situation was saved because The Rock is that good and yeah, at the time, Hogan was over, albeit as a nostalgia act.

But Hogan has rarely done anything to truly build another wrestler. He’s like a locust. He chews people up, then moves on. He occasionally provided a rub, but got way more than he gave. Who benefitted most in the nWo: Hogan through association with Hall and Nash, or vice-versa? Hall and Nash made Hogan cool and relevant. Hogan’s name helped the nWo. But in the end, he destroyed it.

This nimrod is so psychotically self-serving, he beat a Warrior look-alike because the real thing wasn’t available to defeat at the time. It’s said that Hogan made wrestling. Well, he destroyed it, too. He was the first megastar that didn’t give a flying fornication about the business beyond him, or after he was gone. Tremors from Hogan’s selfishness echo through wrestling even today.

He’ll die alone, and deserves to. The nerve of this jerk.

Sting’s the world champion. YAY! He’s 51, and the standard-bearer for our industry. YAY! He beat a junky. YAY!

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