A British Point of View: Yabba Dabba … !!

Martyn Nolan

A look at the current situation between The Rock and John Cena.

Well what an interesting promo we got from The Rock on last night’s RAW.

WWE are truly pushing the boat out with the PG rating with Rock shouting cuss words over the screen every opportunity he gets! I have to say, it was great though wasn’t it?
The promo didn’t have the same electric as the first but that was only to be expected. Perhaps this was because he wasn’t in attendance to deliver his speech. Rock made the statement that he wasn’t going to leave us again yet completed his segment next to his trophy cabinet in his own house!
I can’t but feel that this storyline is going down a dangerous road. More and more the WWE is pushing this as if it’s a rivalry, and what happens with rivalries within the world of wrestling? Yes your right! A match! However in this instance guess what won’t happen this time round? You’ve got it again! A Match!
This battle of words will likely end in a rock bottom or a people’s elbow for John Cena at Wrestlemania or they will throw a swerve with them both celebrating after John Cena becomes WWE Champion. Not exactly something that fans will appreciate after weeks of licking their lips at the prospect of a great match between the two.
For weeks WWE have acted like The Rock is back, he’s said as much and yet what is the first thing you would want to do if you were back? You’d either want the fantasy match against John Cena or you’d want to get involved in the title picture with Cena and Miz. Granted it wouldn’t be fair on the roster to put Rock into the title picture but think of the rub it could give Miz if he were to win a triple threat match against The Rock and John Cena.
Sadly, I still see Rock being the referee and going back to Hollywood after his Wrestlemania stint.
If the main reason Rock doesn’t want to step into the ring again is the same as Mickey Rourke’s reasoning for not getting in the ring at Wrestlemania 25 then I think he needs to look at what he is doing at the moment.
The main reason Rourke was advised not to have a wrestling match at Wrestlemania 25 with Chris Jericho was because they felt it would tarnish his standings within Hollywood. So to do the same with The Rock seems a bit silly. You are already back on TV acting as the character you were 7 years ago, what difference would it make if you jumped in the ring for a 20 minute match at Wrestlemania? Hollywood wouldn’t care, but wrestling fans would! Nobody cares about a guest host! They care about competitors and angles!
What exactly is a guest host for Wrestlemania going to do? I remember when they gave that same title to Kim Kardashian for Wrestlemania 24 and she announced the attendance that evening, big deal!
Are we really going to get Rock walking around backstage during the show taking up 20-30 minutes backstage talking trash to each wrestler? The only way it could be remotely appealing to somebody who is going to have to folk out cash to watch that if he walks into Austin backstage, even then, it would be a moment but nothing that could come to fruition.
Wrestlemania is supposed to be the place where we see matches that hasn’t taken place before! A huge draw in the past was the possibility of RAW wrestlers versus Smackdown wrestlers. Wrestlers never used to see their counterparts on the other shows because they were kept separate until a show like Wrestlemania where you may see two of the big guys face each other. Now everyone is appearing on each show and to be honest apart from some obvious champions I don’t know which show half of the guys are supposed to be on without having to sit and think for a few moments.
Most of the main roster has faced each other tenfold. Orton, Edge, Cena, Undertaker and HHH have all faced each other on numerous occasions. Your real chance for that ‘Wrestlemania’ match is to get Rock and Cena in that ring in a WRESTLING match!
You’ve lost the chance for Brock to come back, you’ve lost Sting but you have Rock contracted. Is one match really going to threaten anything he has made or going to make in the future at Hollywood? Fans would appreciate Rock so much more if he had one more match against Cena before he disappeared back into the Hollywood scene.
You have set the seed, you have both talking trash and in every other wrestling encounter we’ve known it has ended with them stepping between those ropes to face each other and now we have had one of the best verbal battles of the past 5 years and it’s going to end with Rock refereeing Miz and Cena’s match? Common WWE, get it sorted!
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