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Martyn Nolan

My thoughts on Sunday’s terrible events…

Would WWE have ever let this Sunday’s events happen? I don’t think so…

Obviously everyone is talking about the situation with Jeff Hardy in TNA and I thought I would have to write something as well, I do apologise if this appears to be saying the same thing as everyone else but in a situation when everyone thoughts and opinions are the same then what can you expect?
Allowing Jeff Hardy to go to the ring on Sunday was downright dangerous and irresponsible!
Jeff has a lot of problems and this isn’t the first time we’ve had to witness stunts like this. When someone is ‘off their head there is no “The show must go on” for them, you replace him.
I have questioned TNA abilities in the past for being a company that can provide a good wrestling promotion but now I have to now question them as a company in general! No organisation would allow an employee to work when in that state! If you’re in any other organisation then you would have dealt with Hardy and got him off TV.
We have questioned in the past WWE with the validity of the Wellness Policy but at the end of the day if someone failed that test or if they appeared in the same state Jeff was in then they would have been removed instantly. Take Randy Orton for example, whilst being given his push he received his 60 day suspension and they did not hesitate removing him instantly.
No one person is bigger than the industry and TNA obviously doesn’t seem to understand that. I agree with Madden in his comments of saying that anyone who allowed him to walk out to that ring should be fired or should resign.
Can you imagine the risks they took, what if Jeff had attacked a fan? What if Jeff had hurt Sting or himself? The consequences could have been catastrophic!
When you read comments from Matt Hardy on twitter saying that Jeff is fine and it’s something played down it makes me sick to my stomach.
This is a man who is idolised by children for god’s sake! Yet you throw him on TV in that state! Horrific!
Jeff needs to be suspended immediately, he needs help and his family and the COMPANY should be supporting him with that. Not forcing him into the main event scene and throwing him out to the ring in the state he was in.
We all knew there was problems with Jeff when the week after he left the WWE he was arrested, he spends his free time doing videos ‘off his head calling other wrestlers, walking out the ring with a cigarette in his mouth and lastly this Sunday’s events. This is not something unexpected from Jeff but it is from TNA.
If this is not stopped then we are going to lose another talent. We’re going to watch vignettes on Jeff’s career because the worst has happened.
This is a message Jeff himself and TNA and Matt should also be reading!
“You are one of the most loved wrestlers on the planet and you have a big influence on children. Think how the hell they are going to feel when their idol is found dead because he couldn’t sort his life out. You are in a position far greater than most. You are admired but you are now losing your respect. It could be all regained and be a great success story if you turn your life around but first you have to admit these problems and you have to get help! Jeff at the minute you’re a disgrace to yourself, not just us the fans, YOURSELF. That should hurt you and if it does then GOOD because now you know how all the other people feel and you need to do something about it! People get frustrated with something like this Jeff not because they want to pick on a product or a talent but maybe, just maybe they actually care about the well being of the people we admire and idolise! Get help!”
Anyway, I do apologise if that came across as a little personal but this is something so serious it needs to dealt with and it frustrates me that it isn’t being looked at properly.
If anyone wants to express their thoughts and opinions then please feel free to contact me through email at beansontoastuk@msn.com or you can get in touch through Twitter @BeansOnToastUK.

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