RAW GM Told Cole To Say Fag**t, New WWE Champ Will Be….

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Okay Folks….Enough With The Gay Jokes!

How about Michael Cole?! Can this guy miss? Has the best heat on him of anyone going into WrestleMania, talks trash about Lawler’s deceased mother and now calls colleague Josh Matthews the "F" word. Now, I know Matthews and Cole are friends. Out of any of the commentators, on the road they are the closest with each other so its not a serious thing between the two, but it still matters that he used the word.

If Cole thought he could do a little better and get a little more heat on him prior to Mania, mission successful!

If I was Cole, I would be a real jackass and say the anonymous RAW GM told me to call Josh Matthews that. If you want someone to blame, tell Vince to reveal who the GM is!!

It’s also still funny. Not funny to those who he offended, but just funny that it’s Michael Cole a week away from Mania. "Michael Cole, who did he ever beat?"

Quote the LaBar….nevermore! (Those of you who know him picked up on that joke)

WRESTLEMANIA 27: And the NEW WWE champion…..

……The Rock?!

I know, ridiculous right, or is it?

Would I run to your nearest pro-wrestling bookie and place your alcohol and smokes budget on The Rock being the new champ, not unless you really need to kick the habits.

But if you’re involved in a crazy bet with friends over who buys beer, who goes streaking or who gets a chair shot to the head, hear me out.

The Rock doesn’t need the money. The Rock is a big wrestling mark. Tonights RAW should be very interesting. While I still don’t think The Rock is going to become a participant in the title match, that doesn’t mean WWE couldn’t find a way for him to walk out with the belt. Remember WrestleMania 9, Yokozuna beats Bret Hart and then Hulk Hogan beat Yokozuna.

Vince McMahon knows what he wants to happen in this whole scenario. When they decided to insert The Rock in this verbal confrontation with Cena & Miz, what is the payoff? Is it a war of words and The Rock somehow helps Cena win the title? No. A few weeks ago I could have seen a Mike Tyson incident from Mania 14, where going into the match it seems The Rock has a ton of heat with Cena but ultimately helps Cena win. I can’t buy that now. They have spent way too much media and time provoking each other, there is a bigger plan.

I like The Miz, but I can’t expect him to walk out of WrestleMania as the Champ. He has had the belt for a lengthy amount of time (for this day and age anyways) and he is a heel. It seems almost certain Alberto Del Rio is going to win the WHC, so having both heels in the 2 world title matches leave Mania as champ would be highly unlikely for WrestleMania. If Miz left Mania with the title because Cena and The Rock canceled each other out, that would be huge for The Miz, but again, it’s not the typical WrestleMania formula so I am not expecting it.

Back to my original topic, The Rock came back to be involved in this. For what? It wasn’t about the money. He is doing quite well in Hollywood. There had to have been a behind closed doors plan. I said initially, you can get a couple payoffs. You can get people buying to see The Rock in some capacity at WrestleMania and then potentially a SummerSlam in Los Angeles where The Rock actually wrestles. The Rock vs John Cena in LA! The media would be huge!

Who knows, perhaps after tonights RAW, The Rock is in the match. Maybe he is a referee. But regardless, he is The Rock, if he wants to go from guest host to winning the title than he can. Remember, he is booked for RAW the next night.

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