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Chris Fitzpatrick

Looking at tonights event and how the forums are proud to offer coverage AND discussion…


  On Super Bowl Sunday, fans of football, beer, food, and expensive commercials convene with excitement for one night under the banner of the NFL’s big game.  Tonight, it’s wrestling fans’ turn.  This is OUR Super Bowl.  This is OUR excitement.  And we get it commercial free.  For $50.  Anyway…

  What an evolution this event has seen.  We’ve come a LONG WAY since Tito Santana and The Executioner jerked the curtain at Wrestlemania 1.  We’ve gone from a tag team main event involving Mr. T and Paul Orndorff to a triple main event involving 2 world titles and an unrivaled streak.  We’ve also gone from Liberace to Snooki, proving that not all change is good.  Whether you’re after history, deate, discussion, or just the company of fellow fans tonight, Wrestlezone.com has you covered.  You can check the main page for results, and you can even join in the Wrestlemania 27 Live Discussion and discuss the event AS IT HAPPENS with more than 1,000 other posters.  Before I toss out some predictions, here is the link to our Wrestlemania 27 Live Discussion:


  Here, in brief, are my Wrestlemania predictions, or at least, what I WANT to see happen.

Corre vs The Big Red Milan Maulers (credit to Doc from the forums for the awesome team name AND LD graphics!)

The BRMM’s are a fun team, but not an alliance built to last.  The Corre, at its best, has some direction.  Wade Barrett was originally discussed at Undertaker’s opponent tonight, but clearly that idea hs fallen a LONG WAY.  I would have expected the Corre to win, (or at least split up to give Wade Barrett a full on singles career, Gabriel and Slater a few more months as a tag team, and Zeke Jackson a new role to shine in), but Vlad Kozlov is now hurt, setting the stage for the return of possibly Darren Young or Skip Sheffield, both unceremoniously kicked out of Nexus under Barrett’s watch.

Team Morrison vs Team Ziggler

I rarely root against John Morrison, and I never root for Vickie Guerrero.  Until now.  Morrison’s team is winning because that’s what celebrities do at Wrestlemania – they win no matter how ridiculous (Lawrence Taylor, anybody?), but my only hope is that that skunk from Jersey Shore pops an implant.  Maybe Awesome Kong will show up and eat Snooki, only to puke her back out because spray tan tastes like ass.

Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes

I was watching Wrestlemania 8 (my favorite one) yesterday, and laughed again during the 8-man tag when Bobby Heenan says of Virgil, whose nose had been broken by Sid Justice, "I would rip that ugly mask off that ugly face and break that ugly nose one more ugly time."  Vintage Heenan.  I hope this match jerks the curtain (so I can finish making nachos during the start) and that these two surprise me.  I am no fan of Ray, but he has a way of making people look really good in the ring.

Randy Orton vs CM Punk

This is a match I’m truly not sure what to think.  It could go any possible way, and Punk seems like a guy who can pull SOMETHING off to get the win.  Then again, I felt that about him throughout the SES days and he ALWAYS lost.  I hope Punk wins because he’s a not character right now.  But it’s probably Orton with the RKO ad then the punt.  Maybe Punk wins by DQ.

S(h)eamus vs Daniel Bryan

Has anybody OTHER than Jerry Lawler EVER made the King gimmick really work?  Booker T didn’t need it, and it was just a footnote for guys like Harley Race, Haku, Regal, etc.  Can somebody win King of the RIng without actually thinking they need a crown?  Bret Hart did just fine.  Anyway, my Irish-born wrestling hero retains the belt here, though Bryan winning and starting a feud with Alex RIley has legs.  I’m putting the checkmark in S(h)eamus’s corner.

Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler

This WAS the most interesting match on the show 10 days ago.  Then, Cole dropped a Twitter Bomb on Josh Matthews and got in hot water.  Hell, Finlay was just fired for interrupting the anthem at a house show – Cole’s lucky to have a job.  He’s getting squashed tonight, HUGE.  Lawler with the clean fist-drop win, and a stunner for Jack Thwagger. 

Undertaker vs Triple H

I despise the fact that they are trying so hard to ignore the fact that these two had an AMAZING match just 10 years ago at WM17.  Thanks to Shawn Michaels, however, this match has some intregue.  I see Triple H trying to cheat to win (ref bump and sledgehammer?) and Shawn stopping him because he doesn’t want Triple H to screw ‘Taker, a man he’s grown to respect, on the biggest stage of them all.  With Orton, Edge, and Cena all playing babyfaces, a heel Triple H may not be a bad way to go.

Edge vs del Rio

I’m trying to recall the last main event title match at Wrestlemania that was as underwhelming as this one is.  So much so that rumors abounded of Christian being added last minute to make it Triple Threat.  Cap’t Charisma is getting involved, sure enough, but I still think Edge retains.  Del Rio is a pure talent – he’s not "World Title win at Wrestlmania" good just yet though.  Christian saves Edge’s title and tuns on him, setting up the build to an eventual TLC World Title Match between the two.  Could we see Edge vs Christian AND Rock vs Cena at Summerslam!?

John Cena vs The Miz

Everybody who thinks that the Cena / Rock storyline has buried the Miz is nuts. He’s benefitted from this.  The Rock / Cena deal has screwed Edge and del Rio far more, because their World Champ vs Rumble winner match is now tertiary to HHH / Taker and this match.  Miz is going to raise his game HUGE tonight, because he HAS TO.  If he pulls off a big match tonight, he’s a mainstay championship contender for years to come.  And honestly, this was blasphemy months ago, but I think he retains tonight.  That’s right, in a rare feat, NO title changes tonight!  Cena and Rock get tangled and set up a feud between the two, allowing Miz to begin a program with either Morrison (finally) or Orton (hope not.)

Nobody really KNOWS what’s going to happen, but that’s the fun of it.  WWE has found its ability to a) make us wonder who’s going to win, and b) make us give a damn about it.  This year’s event will not be mentioned among the all time great Wrestlemania – not even close – but who cares?  It’s OUR night.  It’s OUR Superbowl.  Enjoy!

Warm regards,

Chris "IrishCanadian25" Fitzpatrick

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