Tagspire – A Shareable, Shoppable Lifestyle

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There are times when shopping sucks. This is not one of them. Here’s your opportunity to shop and make money at the same time with Tagspire.  

Tagspire is an online community that empowers individuals to share the products they love with cash incentives. For shoppers, Tagspire helps them get more of what they want, most importantly more credible recommendations from their friends, family or peers that allow them to make more informed purchasing decisions. Tagspire is available on the desktop, and the mobile version is available to download in iTunes and Google Play now.

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Tagspire has a very user-friendly platform. After you open an account, you can upload photos from a Web URL, your computer, the Tagspire Warehouse or your phone or tablet when you are using the Tagspire mobile Web or its mobile app. Once you have selected your photos, you can use the Sell Tag to make the items in your pictures shoppable and then earn cash commissions when shoppers make purchases from your posts. If you’ve been just dying to share your product review online, there are other Tags where you can post video reviews and link to your social media channels.


What’s in it for you?

  • Cash incentives: Tagspire allows people to reap the rewards from sharing and referring their favorite products. Right now, the market lacks a platform that truly allows anyone (not just influencers and famous bloggers) to earn cash through social recommendations.
  • Profitable Photos: People are uploading 1.8 billion photos a day…crazy right? With Tagspire, you can tag the various items in your photos and make them shoppable and profitable.
  • Creative Amplifier: Creative talent should never go unnoticed. Using Tagspire, you too can share your unique style or projects with others and gain followers. Yes, you do need just one more social media platform in your life because with this one, you can actually make some dough.
  • Endless shopping inspirations: From the hottest apparel to travel spots, Tagspire has a variety of the latest products and services from both major brands and local merchants. It’s a one-stop-shop to discover and buy items for all occasions.