Pride & Groom | Grooming Gift Sets For Father’s Day

The Man Can by Plum Island Soap Co., $49.95

There are officially no additional weekends between now and Father’s Day. Now only days away from needing an apt present to express appreciation for your pater familias, you need to get something thoughtful, useful, affordable – and you’ve got to get it fast.

Though skin and hair care aren’t natural topics of conversation between a father and son, grooming products are always appreciated. No one likes getting older, so Dad might get a little peeved about the implications of wrinkle creams and cleansing agents, but deep down he’ll appreciate you giving him products to help him look and smell good while staring down his mortality.

These grooming gift sets, from a variety of trusted brands at a variety of different price points, offer curated sets of complimentary products that focus on improving your Pop’s skin, hair and beards. Choose what works for your father, purchase promptly and  get express delivery to ensure it reaches him on time!

Grooming Gift Sets For Father’s Day: