Camp City | Summer Camping Season Is Here!

Photo: Johner Images (Getty).

Summer camping season is officially here. Though we will always advise to be prepared for everything, including the unexpected dip in temperature, you no longer need to be all too concerned about keeping warm. While you should still pack an extra blanket, and definitely some equipment to stay high and dry in the event of a rain shower, your bag also needs to contain boatloads of sunscreen, and some boardshorts. 

We’ve got you covered on all the necessities to make your trip out of the city a successful one. Perfect for the camper who wants to multi-task and throw a few back while being one with nature (and that’s most of us), bring the Pathfinder Cooler by Barebones. Holding 16 12-ounce cans, you can simultaneously ice one 6-pack of PBRs for you, and one six-pack of brosé for the lady or bff.

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Come high noon, when it’s time to take a camping siesta, we suggest a colorful waterproof blanket, like this one by Alite Designs, or a hammock, like the Double Parachute Nylon iteration by Grand Trunk (some assembly required, but well worth it). Along with a tent, some sleeping bags and cooking materials, you’re just a short list away from having an incredible out-of-city experience in the great outdoors.