Pride & Groom | Fresh Grooming Gifts for Father’s Day

Smelling good is a foundational pillar of  feeling good. It gives you the confidence to converse in close quarters, to lean over your minions’ shoulders, or to pass the salt across the table without exuding the musk of a horse’s stable. Yet, for men, freshness isn’t always the easiest milestone to maintain. Your Pops can tell you –  whether sitting in an office chair for eight hours or hitting the gym (without hitting the showers), sweating happens swiftly and ripening can follow rapidly.

Staying clean, dry, and refreshingly aromatic requires hitting the hotspots: attacking the skin with some solid soap, hitting the pits with some proper antiperspirant, and finishing it all off with some cool cologne. To help you and your male progenitor stay on the sunny side of hygiene, we’ve put together a brief list of some simple soaps, deodorants and colognes that will keep dads of all stripes smelling like suds throughout the summer. 

Throw a handful of these in a basket, making sure to include at least one product from each category (soap, antiperspirant, cologne), for a perfect Father’s Day gift.

Grooming Gifts for Father’s Day: