Dapper Denim | Bags, Totes and Wallets with a Consistent Thread (and Fabric)

Denim gets super stylish in a fairly unexpected way when applied to the accessories you carry in your day to day life. But don’t go jumping to an 80’s inspired, acid wash memory, because this denim surely isn’t that. 

A large run of the menswear brands have gotten into the denim game, including the likes of Hex, Herschel Supply Co., Diesel and Yves Saint Laurent. The best part of these denim wear collections is that all the pieces, while sharing a common thread (and fabric), are super diverse. It’s amazing the imagination that designers can bring to America’s favorite material.

Also: Nothing Pairs Better Than Premium Denim & Leather

Looking for a super simple, straight forward, brand-less backpack? A.P.C. has you covered, in quality and function. Meanwhile Brave Star Selvedge has a little something different in mind –  try a raw denim wallet that’s incredibly practical and (given that untreated raw denim dye tends to rub off) will wear in wonderfully without bleeding into your clothes.