Spotlight | Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

Nothing beats great denim—especially from a brand that considers denim a lifestyle. An effortless aesthetic with a vintage-inspired touch, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren is the unofficial uniform of every easy summer day and cool summer night. One glance at the latest collection and one thing is evident: This line represents the timeworn, authentic spirit found in Ralph Lauren’s love of all-American jeans.

For summer, Denim & Supply takes its wares to the next level. Lightweight chambray shirts and rugged trucker jackets are made to layer with the brand’s lived-in shorts—whether they’re printed, bleached, patched or shredded. Heavy distressing also makes its mark on this season’s jeans, with ripped-and-repaired styles that have become the brand’s hallmark. Top it off with a graphic tee for the ultimate in casual, classic and cool summer style.

Beyond the quality materials, solid designs and well-envisioned prints you’ll find that the difference in the Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren brand is in the details. Pick up a little, or pick up a lot, because a head-to-toe outfit can only look casual, classic and cool.

The Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Summer 2016 Men’s Collection:

All photos courtesy of Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren.