Incredible Drone Footage Shows Whales and Dolphins Having a Great Day

A humpback whale. (Image Credit: Barcroft / Getty Images)

Drone footage of humpback whales, dolphins and turtles splashing around and generally having a great day has garnered thousands of views online, with everyone pretty much agreeing that it presents the best use of drones thus far.

The footage, recorded by YouTube user Uheheu, was captured by way of a drone hovering above Kauai, a mid-Pacific island that’s part of the Hawaiian archipelago. Providing incredible shots of a family of whales breaching the water, along with them seemingly chasing a pair of dolphins who had also joined in on the fun, the 3-minute clip offers a stunning look at a rarely seen part of the world.

Check it out below:


Uheheu states that they recorded the footage both on land and on a nearby boat, though a commenter on Reddit pointed out how using drones to film the whales is reportedly illegal under the Marine Mammal Protection act. Responding to this issue, the YouTuber said that they “stay far enough away to film these encounters but not alter their behavior.”