Spotlight | Bluer Denim : Feel Good Jeans

Bluer Denim is a premium denim company based in the Pacific Northwest. The company creates coveted menswear items, made all the better by their ethical focus. Bluer Denim products are 100% American made and sourced. That means that not only are your new favorite skinnies made in the U.S., but all the goods that go into making them (think buttons, rivets) are from the States as well.

You might expect a premium price tag for these premium jeans, but you would be happily surprised. Especially with raw denim, a good pair can run you easily over $200. But each of the fits available now at Bluer Denim cost only $145. If you feel an eye twitch coming on even at that low price point, keep this in mind: raw denim is made to last, doesn’t need constant laundering (and shouldn’t be washed), and they get better with age. Raw denim jeans truly start to mold to the fit of your body, and will show common wear from your life (like that super old wallet in your back pocket, or where you keep your keys in the front left.)

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If you still aren’t convinced to take the plunge and pick up a pair, Bluer is sweetening the deal with their Buy One, Give One program. In order to usher on additional action to recycle, but also get the clothes you’re not wearing out of your closet and on someone who needs them, buy a pair of jeans, then send them a pair you no longer wear. They’ll make sure they get to a person in need. Plus, since we all know you’re going to fall in love with these new threads, they’re throwing in $5 off your next order.

All images courtesy of Bluer Than Indigo.