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Time Machine TM1 by Florian Schlumpf Time Machines.

Maison et Objet hasn’t limited itself to tableware and furniture. Instead the design fair has opened its doors to a host of possibilities for living and gathering spaces. Enter timepieces and the way in which we use them and/or store them.

Florian Schlumpf Time Machines

Time-Machines-2-INTERIORFlorian Schlumpf Time Machines prides itself on recapturing the magic of those classic grandfather clocks and pendulums and giving them new life. The Swiss brand has made appearances at Baselworld in the past with its catalog of pendulum timepieces rendered in aluminium and steel. But this year the brand takes a brave look at itself, decidedly sloughs off its skin and rebrands itself as furniture. Some of the pendulums are life-size, spanning the height of a sturdy basketball player and ticking with the nearly silent precision of a Da Vinci masterpiece.

And then some are just simply gargantuan. Take for instance some of the most recent work rendered for the public. Time Machines received a commission for Detski Mir Shopping Mall in Russia where they constructed one of the biggest clocks in the world. For Baselworld, they erected a huge four quadrant structure in the center of one of the exhibiting halls. Both of these colossal undertakings marked a brilliant 2015 for Time Machines. So, naturally, the only direction left is up.

Here at M&O the time machines in question are a bit more discreet, taking up only a fraction of the kind of real estate necessary to house those aforementioned giants. In their display, one finds four different incarnations of time machines, each ticking effortlessly. A common design theme here is the use of a long pendulum that effortlessly drips down a facade of clock faces. With the stainless steel pendulum rocking barely above a steel or aluminium base, each clock face has its own identity: big for a minute hand, smaller for a second hand and larger even still for the hour. 


Stockinger-Watch-Winder-6-INTERIORStockinger is mostly known for its bespoke safes. But on this particular occasion they’ve turned heads with their watch winding cabinets. These aren’t merely safes for locking away your treasured possessions. Here they have on display two watch winders that image up to 10 winders in a glass case, meticulously winding the timepieces at 16 hour active intervals and then resting for 8. The technology is patented and a wonder unto itself.

How does it work? Specific data for each watch is downloaded to the cabinet to keep precise winding times on schedule. The German brand manufactures the unique cabinets locally in Germany, shipping worldwide to connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

The cabinets range in look from smoked oak to brushed metal. Various takes on wood such as a fiery rosewood give the cabinets a traditional luxurious look, while incarnations like the apple green lacquer give it a modern sense of urban chic. Whatever the case, the cabinets have proven to be scene stealers at M&O.

Other gems from the Stockinger catalog include multipurpose safes that house wine collections in conjunction with timepieces and other essentials of a luxury lifestyle.



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