Spotlight | Parkland Design & Mfg.

This simple, clean and refined design-driven accessory brand is rooted in a desire to get outside. The name Parkland actually comes straight from the dictionary. While it’s probably not a term you use on the regular, you’ll find it in there with a definition that generally represents an outdoor place filled with trees. Adventure is waiting , but before you jet out the door, remember you’ll need a few things. Collect the water, camera, lightweight parka and beanie and toss into a sleek and stylish backpack or duffle. But don’t forget the toothbrush, paste & cologne, nicely placed into your matching (or so heinously mismatched it turns out looking good) pencil case. Put the latter into the first, and go. 



The Meadow Backpack in camo $47.99, with the Valley Travel Kit in camo $19.99, and View Duffle in camo $49.99.

Electric Red


The Meadow Backpack in red with grey detail $47.99, with the Valley Travel Kit in red $19.99, and View Duffle in red $49.99.

Heather Grey


The Meadow Backpack in grey with black leather $47.99, with the Valley Travel Kit in grey $19.99, and View Duffle in grey $49.99.

Army Green


The Meadow Backpack in army $47.99, with the High Point Pencil Case in army $19.99, and View Duffle in army $49.99.



The Meadow Backpack in teal $47.99, with the High Point Pencil Case in teal $19.99, and View Duffle in teal $49.99.

Images courtesy of Parkland Design & Manufacturing.